Westgate Mfg. Landscape Lighting

Westside Wholesale offers a wide array of the landscape lighting products, created by the Westgate Mfg brand. This famous private company, which is specialized in manufacturing of the electric equipment, was founded in 2008 and incorporated in California. Since that time, by now, it is a well-known brand all across the globe. Their landscape lighting products, offered by the Westside Wholesale, are always of the best quality.

What Is offered?

Westside Wholesale offers different types of the products by the Westgate Mfg Company, like:

  • Underwater light. For example, the item Westgate Mfg WE-125 is of the low electric power and voltage – 50W and 12V. Designed in the light brown color, this item is the best choice for artificial lakes in gardens or for the coastline. The price is about 40$.
  • Path light. The items WE-115, WE-112, WE-148, WE-119 are designed for gardens with various paths sizes and lengths. The shapes of the items are different: China hat, mushroom hat, tulip, etc. The path light in the shape of a tulip is especially good for gardens in modern and classic styles. The items on sale by this brand are of various colors, mostly copper and black. All of them are looking very interesting, especially when the sun goes down and the garden is filled with mysterious moonlight and artificial light. The voltage and electric power rates are almost identical – 12V and 20W. The prices are about 12$-50$.
  • Step light. Designed in black and steel color, they are looking good in every garden, surrounded by the trees and flowers. The shapes may vary – WE-158 is a stainless steel mini-eyelid step light and WE-157 is a cast aluminum recessed mini-eyelid step light. These items of various electric power and voltage rates – 20W/12V and 18W/12V. Another step light item of this line is 20W/12V steel clear lensed one, designed in antique bronze color solution. The prices are about 9$-25$.
  • Directional light. The prices for directional lights are presented in the range of 9$-15$. These items are a good choice for creating special lightened zones in gardens or houses. They will be also good for museums and concert halls. All the directional light items are of 12V and 20W, designed in black color.

All the products of the Westgate Mfg brand, offered by the Westside Wholesale, are of the highest quality, made of the best eco-friendly materials. They are really good and worth buying!

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How to Select

How to Shop for Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most efficient ways to highlight the most attractive features of your landscape and house, hide the less appealing ones, illuminate paths and entryways and create a sense of security and warmth. Low-voltage lights are quite a popular choice for outdoor illumination since they are easy to install, adaptable, safe to use and employ little power. It is also nice to know that cables of low-voltage fixtures do not pose the danger of electric shock and you do not need a permit to install them.

The first thing you need to do is to determine the purpose served by the low voltage outdoor lighting fixture. Do you need it to illuminate a path, steps or entryway, accent a statue or trees or light a pond or fountain? Underwater fixtures need to be lightweight, compact, rugged, and resistant to high pressures, while step lights should be bright enough to illuminate the top and bottom of stairs.

The next thing to decide on is the output wattage of the device. The brightness of low-voltage outdoor lights varies from 4 to 50 watts, with common choices ranging from 18 to 24 watts. The brightness of a bulb will be rather defined by its intended use: illuminating the steps may require a brighter fixture than artfully lighting a group of trees. The choice of the transformer to step down the voltage also depends on the wattage of bulbs: to determine its size, you need to multiply the wattage by the number of bulb sockets.

Once you have made up your mind about the functional qualities of your outdoor low-voltage lighting, consider its decorative possibilities. Landscape lights come in aluminum, cast metal, brass and wood. A verde or black finish will blend well with the surrounding garden. You can also choose the finish to suit the coloring of your house. Styles may vary from minimalist to aesthetically rich. Path lights can be visible or hidden, ranging from brass lanterns to tulip-shaped units, while outdoor directional spotlights pointed to individual trees or art works may include only bulbs.

The bulbs used for low voltage outdoor lighting are typically halogen lamps with a precision reflector and compact filament, but low-voltage LED and incandescent lamps rated for 12V operation are also employed. Halogen and LED units are more efficient, but incandescent bulbs provide more traditional illumination with a warm orange cast.

After selecting the outdoor light and an appropriate transformer, you can immediately proceed to installing the system because, unlike with other outdoor projects, the low-voltage installation does not require having expertise in electrical work.