Lasko Window Fans

Westside Wholesale presents Lasko Company. It was founded in 1906 and manufactures home appliances, fans and household portable heaters for more than 100 years. Lasko creates innovative and great-looking products for homes. Today, it is an international organization well-known in many countries. In it a market leader in portable fans and ceramic heaters including room fans, high velocity fans and many more.

As a market leader in portable fans, Lasko has a lot of models to offer. The wide range of this company consists of these types.

Air Circulators provide a powerful breeze when needed. All models include pivoting heads, remote controls, and wall-mounting features. There are such series as Cyclone and Wind Tunnel which also have electronic timers.

Blower Fans is a high velocity air stream in a small box. They can be used for drying floors, walls, carpets, furniture, and they are perfect for large areas like gyms, garages and large kitchens.

Box Fans are cheap in operation and maintenance and are enabled to provide high-performance air flow. They are idea for rooms, have three speeds and work quiet. These models are easy to carry and install.

Desktop and Table Fans are the easiest way to get a cool breeze just at the office desk or home table. They are also quiet and have a slim modern design to fit even the small space.

High Velocity Fans offer a powerhouse speeds and durable construction. There are pedestal, wall-mounted and floor models.

Outdoor Living Fans are used for controlling the air outside the house. They are good for relaxing and have stylish lights. There are many new models such as Misto fan that is a fun way to cool down. These models are for balcony patio or porch.

Pedestal Fans offer adjustable height and a tilt-back head. The remote control helps to choose one of the three speeds.

Personal Fans can be taken anywhere. They are designed to cool the air quickly and quietly. There is a popular 6 inch model which directs the air flow from an unusual angle.

All these models can be found at Westside Wholesale. Check the list to see which model will suit you best.

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Lasko 2138

Lasko 2138

Lasko Window Fan, 8" 2-Speed Electronically Reversible Twin w/Thermostat - White

Our Price: $51.22

Lasko 2137

Lasko 2137

Lasko Window Fan, 7" 2-Speed Slim Profile Twin - White

Our Price: $34.92
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How to Select

How to select Window Fans

Window fans may be the perfect option for making hot summer days more tolerable by filling the rooms of your house with cool air. That is, of course, if you don’t have any air-conditioning devices installed in your house and aren’t planning to install them in the near future. Since window fans are inexpensive yet efficient, in addition to offering perfect cooling for small rooms, such devices have become very popular among thousands of homeowners. This guide will help you pay attention to the most important factors and select the window fan that will suit your needs the most.


First factor to consider when selecting a window fan is its size. The bigger the better rule doesn’t work in this case, since efficient operation and cooling can be provided by a small device too. More that that, you will be surprised how much power a smaller fan can offer when it is selected for a suitable area. The steps you need to complete are measure the window size and calculate the room’s area and then look for a device that fits both criteria. Window fans usually come equipped with all of the necessary mounting kits but if your windows have irregular size, you might also look for the additional mounting accessories.


Safety first, cooling second. This is what you should think of when selecting a window fan for your home. If a device offers great cooling options, has a perfect price and suits your window dimension but doesn’t provide necessary safety features, buying it shouldn’t be an option. Never risk your family’s safety, no matter how great and attractive a fan could be. When you have specified the fan’s size, ensure it fits your window, is properly mounted and remains stationary while operating at full power. Remember that in case you are planning to use a window fan with an inward blowing option, it should be equipped with a protective screen.


Placing a window fan is a really complicated process that requires calculating. Do not simply place your fan in the largest window of the house. Instead, pay attention to the wind direction and existent airflow within your house. When a window fan is installed in the right place, it cools more space thanks to the optimized air flow and thus spends less energy while operating. Furthermore, installing more than one type of window fans can also help you take advantage of the interior air flow of your house. For example, placing an exhaust fan in a warmer room and complementing it with an inward fan in a cooler room will help you obtain the perfect environment.