Leviton LED Dimmers

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Leviton 6674-P0W

Leviton 6674-P0W

Leviton Dimmer, Sureslide, CFL/LED/Incandescent, 150/600W, White

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Leviton IPL06-10Z

Leviton IPL06-10Z

Leviton Dimmer, 600W Single Pole & 3-Way IllumaTech Decora LED/CFL/Incandescent Slide Dimmer - White, Ivory, & Light Almond

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How to Select

How to shop for LED Dimmers?

Light dimmers are products that change the brightness of lighting inside a home or office. Today, the market is filled with various models that allow users to change the brightness and the intensity of the initial light output. This is done by decreasing and increasing the RMS voltage. As a matter of fact, light dimmers were initially created to control resistive incandescent lighting, but it has greatly evolved since then.

If you are interested to learn how the standard dimmer really works, it’s pretty simple. Dimmers come in a variety of sizes, but they are easy to install. Keep in mind that small dimmer units are being used domestically while the high power units are being used in large area-spaces like theaters, exhibitions, circuses and so on.

How to shop for LED Dimmer?

When you shop for a brand new LED dimmer, make sure to look for high quality brand or manufacturer. These units usually have an appealing design, but most importantly they are capable of providing the most ambient light. The leading manufacturing brands’ list includes such popular names as Kathy Ireland, Lenox, Cabana, Holkoetter, etc. When you purchase these products, you are assured to receive the best quality products.

List of LED Dimmers Benefits:

  • LED dimmers are offered in a great variety of models and sizes. This way you are assured to find the product that will perfectly match your household.
  • The LED dimmers styles include traditional white, rustic, modern, and contemporary styles to suit individual needs.
  • We believe that the design of lighting in the house does require time and effort. Every room requires a different lamp in every room. For example, bathroom and kitchen lamps will be different from lighting options for a living room and a bedroom.
  • Some customers prefer classic or traditional styles, others adore elegant and contemporary styles of lighting.

How does it work?

The LED dimmers are manually controlled. Luckily, small domestic LED dimmers are managed through sophisticated remote systems. At the same time, the lighting industry offers the digital control systems, for example, DMX, but these models are for professional purposes. The price for LED dimmers is quite affordable. The latest LED dimmers are based on silicon controlled rectifiers. These LED dimmers’ parts have a high level of efficiency. They are highly advisable for everyday use and they are definitely a worthwhile investment.