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LED Lighting

About LED Lighting

Westside Wholesale offers the peak of innovation in today’s electrical products including LED lighting for your homes. LED lighting configurations are the new wave of the future, producing higher levels of lumen (light output) while utilizing the most efficient amount of energy. The energy conservation of LED light bulbs passes on the savings to the consumer. With the energy saving in mind, these LED lights have the average lifespan of 50,000-60,000 hours, creating a great convenience for the user.

We offer LED lighting configurations from a wide variety of great manufacturers such as: CREE, Elco Lighting, Hayward, Kichler, Pelican, Ropelight, Sylvania, Toshiba and WAC lighting. These LED lighting configurations have the voltages of 12, 24 and 120 volts to suit all of your home’s applications. With similar functions as a normal incandescent or CFL bulb, dimming is made simple with Toshiba’s MR16 GU10 bulbs coupled with a Lutron DV-600P dimmer.

For all of your LED configuration needs, be sure to look for: module kit, recessed, in-wall, surface mount, undercabinet, flashlight, strip fixture, pool light, xenon, photoluminescent, rope light, exit sign, polymer, and lighting system models. At Westside Wholesale, we offer a great selection of LED lights, lighting accessories, LED lighting fixtures from trusted manufacturers at competitive prices.

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Light Efficient Design LED-1669-A

Light Efficient Design LED-1669-A

Light Efficient Design LED Light Bulb, PAR30 Medium Base Spot, 120V, 10W (50W Equivalent) - Dimmable - 4500K - 750 Lumens

Regular Price: $50.99
On Sale: $35.75
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How to Select

How to Select LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the most innovative form of lighting on the market today, saving as much as 80% on electrical costs versus conventional lighting.

When choosing your lighting, consider:

  1. Voltage:

  • Low Voltage – low voltage(usually 12v) lighting is typically used for under cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, or landscape lighting. Ambient lighting sometimes uses low voltage fixtures as well. However, a low voltage fixture will not operate properly in line voltage connections. If connected to a line voltage (120v), it may cause electrical fire or damage to the fixture and surrounding area.
  • Line Voltage – Line voltage, is the common term for standard 120v power. Standard household electricity is line voltage. You should not connect low voltage fixtures to line voltage connections.  If you plan to install lighting inside your home besides accent lighting, you will most likely use line voltage lighting.
  1. Commercial Grade:

If the installation is a commercial building, consider using Commercial Grade fixtures which can handle heavier duty electrical currents and higher voltage. These fixtures are safer for regular use in commercial situations.

  1. Insulated Ceiling:

If you ceiling has additional insulation, please consider using a housing that is suitable for this. At Westside Wholesale, we offer models that are suitable. If you do not have insulation in your ceiling, we also have models that fit your application.

  1. Interconnectable:

Certain LED lighting models are designed to be interconnected to a series of lighting for dimming or to connect to a lighting control module.

  1. Color:

When refining by color, you will notice that it refers to several color variables whether it be the finish on the metal trim, or the color of the LED elements.

For additional assistance in selecting the LED lighting that is suitable for your application, contact our Customer Service Department through Live Chat or by calling 1-877-998-9378.