LED Recessed Lighting

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How to Select

How to select LED Recessed Lighting

Of all the directional lighting sources, LED recessed light fixtures are the best option to install in residential and commercial buildings and constructions. This guide will help you pay attention to the most important factors and thus choose the perfect lighting devices among the variety of choices.

First of all, select the size and type of fixture that will comply with installation and energy requirements of your building. The size can be known from the old lamps or by measuring the housings in the walls and ceiling. Selecting a type, however, requires more effort from your part. The modern LED recessed lighting fixtures are presented with dedicated and non-dedicated types. A dedicated appliance has space for a single lamp. Other types can hold several lamp types and are more convenient for more complicated installations.

Installation requirements are the next factor to consider. LED recessed lighting can be installed in three ways: enclosed, semi-ventilated and open air. Enclosed type doesn’t deliver any heat when the lamp is working so it can be mounted directly to the ceiling or other installation surface. Open air installation means a free space should be present between the light fixture and the surface where it is mounted. Finally, semi-ventilated type requires limited ventilation space near the fixture. Before you proceed any further, carefully check that the LED lighting device you select complies with the installation requirements. This information can be found in the lamp’s description.

Operating cost is yet other important detail to consider. It is well known that LED lights have longer life and use less energy while providing the same features as conventional lighting equipment. Regardless of this, you need to specify the lighting level, color and distribution you need before you choose any fixtures. This will help you calculate the operation cost and know how much money you will spend on electricity bills.

After considering all of the factors from above, most customers stop and proceed to checkout. However, you still need to make sure that the kind of LED recessed lighting you have selected is reliable and most importantly, available. If a light bulb that comes with the kit cannot be found in the nearest hardware store, you will have a hard time searching for its replacement when the time comes. The reliability of a lighting fixture can be known by the warranty that is or is not offered with the device. After these last factors are considered, you will select the right option.