Elco Lighting LED Rope Lights

The market today is filled with numerous lighting options for a different range of prices. The lighting has become an integral part of interior design that is aimed for commercial and domestic use. With many companies that exist today in the lighting industry, ELCO Lighting stands out with its 20 years of dedicated growth and search for implementation of new technological advancements. The reason that Elco LED lighting products continue to gain more popularity due to their extended quality features and attractive design.

Energy-saving became a priority for many homeowners. The purchase of LED lighting is the foremost step in energy sustainability and lowering expensive utility costs. Elco LED lighting has proven to reduce the energy wastage by 50%-90% if one compares it to the traditional lighting products. The Elco lighting does not contain any hazardous substances and are completely environmentally-safe. Let’s take a look at the LED lighting advantages and features.

ELCO LED lighting Features List:

  • Long life-span. Elco LED bulbs and diodes have exceptional working time that equals over 15-25 years of average operations. While the conventional light bulbs tend to burn out, the ELCO LED bulbs doesn’t require to be changed due to their really long life-span.
  • Energy-Efficiency. The Elco LED lighting is found to be highly efficient and is enabled to save over 80% of electrical energy comparing to traditional lighting. Only 20% of energy is being utilized allowing to save on electrical bills.
  • Eco-Friendly. The Elco LED lighting is completely eco-friendly. The materials include silicon and germanium, it is a perfect eco-friendly hazard-free semiconductor materials. The Elco products are completely 100% recyclable without causing any type of carbon emissions.

Having a broad range of LED lighting products, the Elco company has proven to be a leader of lighting sales as well. The products by Elco are highly reliable and moderately priced. They are completely user friendly and are able to bring as much light as needed.

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Elco Lighting EPCLED

Elco Lighting EPCLED

Elco Lighting LED Rope Light Power Cord Accessory

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Elco Lighting EPEN

Elco Lighting LED Rope Light End Cap Accessory

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How to Select

How to select LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights are the best type of light to create a festive atmosphere inside or outside of your home. With the wide variety of options that exist today, you will be able to transform your place into a masterpiece without any costly repercussions. The following guide will help you not to get lost among the countless options of LED rope lights and select the perfect items to fit your needs.

The first thing to do when looking for LED rope lights is to specify their purpose. Depending on the location where they will be installed and how often they will be used, select the type of such fixtures. For example, single color strips of LED lights are used to illuminate certain spots outside the building, office or restaurant when color-changing rope lights are perfect to be used for festive decorations. You may also look for LED rope lights with adjustable white color if you need to be able to control the operation of such fixtures throughout the day.

Next factor to pay attention to when selecting LED rope lights is the wire count. The most popular is the two wire type but it only offers steady light. If you are looking for more light effects in a LED rope light, you need to select the item with more than 2 wire counts.

After all of the factors are considered and you have found the perfect LED rope light, you might still have some unanswered questions about its operation and performance. The answers listed below will help you.

What is the power consumption of a LED rope light?

Compared to conventional rope lights that use incandescent or fluorescent technology, LED fixtures use less than 1 watt of power per 1 foot. This is why they are more efficient and reliable.

How long will a LED rope light last?

LED lights offer 3 or sometimes 4 times longer operation than the conventional lights do. For example, if a regular rope light has a life of 25.000 hours; LED rope will serve you for 100.000 hours.

Will I be able to cut the rope light?

It is possible to cut LED rope light in case you follow all of the safety and installation requirements. If you don’t know what such requirements are, consult with your electrician.

Why are LED rope lights more expensive than incandescent?

LED lights have a very complicated manufacturing process that requires more energy and technology than the process of making conventional lights. This is the only reason why such light fixtures cost more but despite their price they provide better and longer service and pay off in the first two months of their exploitation.