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About LED Track Lighting

Accentuate your home’s décor or showroom with beautiful and attractive LED track lighting from Westside Wholesale’s wide selection of brand name products. You can find all your LED track lighting configurations such as LED track lighting fixtures, sections and accessories. Our track lighting features accessories such as track connectors, track ends, extension wands, canopies, transformers and adapters. LED track lighting accessories are offered lengths from 2 ft. to 8ft. To match your application’s paint and décor, you can select from a variety of colors such as white, black, brushed nickel and bronze.

Be sure to look for great features such as 120V, 12V, gimbal ring, luminaire, cool white flood, warm white flood, dead end, track section, single circuit, floating canopy, live end connector, outlet adapter, dead end cap.

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How to Select

How to select LED Track Lighting

Track lighting is the type you need when looking for a way to illuminate the design elements of your indoor or outdoor locations. With the versatile options and configurations that LED track lighting has to offer, it is oftentimes used as main light source in both commercial and residential settings. The guide that we have prepared for you will help you select the best configuration for your needs.

The first thing to consider before buying track lighting is the shape of the room and the fixtures’ location. There are many layout plans that you can select from, including “L”, “T” or “H” plans, straight runs, flex connectors cross and modified layouts.

The next thing to do is to select the track sections or a surface where the LED lamps will be mounted. The tracks can be mounted on the ceiling and walls or installed on pendants in case your room has an irregular construction. The diameter of a LED track lamp should also be considered. The diameter of most of the track sections varies from 2’ to 12’. In order to create the arrangement of lights that you have specified earlier, combine the sections with each other.

Now, the size of a track lamp is important. Mini, small and large sizes of the fixtures allow you to create stylish arrangements for every location. Using LED light bulbs of various sizes also helps save energy and money in the future.

When you are selecting LED track lighting for your home or office, ensure that you purchase all parts and accessories from one manufacturer. As a rule, the main components of a LED lighting fixture are not interchangeable or replaceable with the components from the other fixture. Knowing that you have all of the necessary wires and mounting equipment will help you save your energy and time.

The questions listed below might help you with your decision after all of the important factors are considered.

What are the benefits of installing LED track lighting in a house?

The flexibility of such lighting fixtures knows no equals. You can adjust the fixtures the way you want in order to create a perfect lighting effect in a room. In addition to that, LED track lights help you save energy and money in a long run.

How do I install such fixtures in my home?

Unlike other types of lighting, LED track lights provide easy and flexible installation options that will suit every location. You don’t have to remodel your house or mount some additional surfaces to be able to enjoy LED track lighting; just follow the instructions and use the mounting brackets from the kit.