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Toshiba LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Being a well-known leader of many product lines including LED lighting, satellite light and television technology, the Toshiba company is the leader of many sales charts. Having gained a popularity with customers all over the word, the company continues to deliver the best quality products. Searching for new technological innovation and implementing them into the daily used objects makes our lives more bright and colorful. Having gained a reputation of reliable manufacturer, Toshiba LED lighting products last up to 20 times longer than average LED lighting products. Being able to save up to 75% of energy, the incandescent and halogen light bulbs are found to be extremely useful for domestic and commercial use purposes. The major application of featured Philips Chip set is being applied to the majority of Toshiba LED products ensuring superior quality and durability.

The Westside Wholesale company has presented a line of Toshiba LED lighting products that come at a discounted prices. We offer the same day and discounted cost 1-3 days shipping of the product. The client will enjoy the use of Toshiba LED lighting items for a long time while saving additional bonus “dollars” for the next purchases. This product line of LED lighting is completely reliable and is backed up with the 5-year Toshiba manufacturer warranty. Allowing to do special kind of lighting design, the lumen output of the LED light bulb will not be insufficient or will not get decreased. Being great for homes, the Toshiba LED light bulbs are able to produce bright white light. The bulbs are easy to maintain and to install and the existing wiring in the house will stay in place without having to change it.

Please review the Toshiba LED lighting product line and find the most suitable lighting for your home interior. We have gathered only the best items that are offer at low wholesale prices. We believe that everyone is going to benefit from using the long-lasting energy-efficient Toshiba LED lighting as they are surely the best.

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How to Select

How to select LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED technology is the most efficient alternative to conventional lighting. LED fixtures can help you save up to 90% of energy, compared to fluorescent or incandescent lamps. With various sizes and designs of LED fixtures they become great for installing in under cabinet locations. This guide will help you select the perfect option to fit your needs.

The first thing to consider when selecting LED under cabinet lighting is the type of the fixture. Among all of the options that exist today, push lights are the most affordable. Despite their low price, they offer the same lighting features as other types do. If you are looking for more complex and stylish fixtures, there are plenty of options to select from.

The next factor that requires your attention is the amount of light that you need your future under cabinet lighting to offer. Since kitchen counters and other common locations where such lights are usually installed don’t require much light, LED lamps become the best option for them.

The design of LED under cabinet lighting is something to consider as well. You can select between LED pucks or linear bulbs. Both styles provide the amount of light that is sufficient to illuminate the under cabinet surface. There’s also an option to install LED ropes that can provide great lighting features for tightest under cabinet locations.

Color temperature of the light or as it is also called, ССЕ rating, is other factor to consider before selecting a LED lighting fixture for your kitchen. By choosing the lamps with various color of light you are able to create a lighting ambiance of your dreams. The LED lights can provide warm white color as well as the cool white options. To know the color of your future LED lighting fixture, look for the Kelvin ratio in its description. The higher such ratio is the cooler is the white color that the fixture provides. If you have wooden furniture in the kitchen, LED lighting with warmer color would be the perfect choice for it. For glass or steel shelves and cabinets select the fixtures with cooler light color.

Finally, the next thing to do when selecting LED under cabinet lights is determining your budget. In order to save money you need to know how much energy every fixture will use. Calculating the operating cost of your lighting devices is pretty easy, since such information is usually indicated on their package or in the item’s description. It is not a secret however, that LED technology is way more efficient and money-saving than any other lighting option.