LED Wall Lighting

LED wall lighting is a great way to add affordable and low-maintenance illumination to your home or commercial space for many years to come. With LED technology, you are harnessing the most advanced form of modern lighting, which uses as little as 7 watts to produce the same equivalent light output of a 50 watt Halogen bulb. This advancement allows consumers to save as much as 80% on your lighting costs, which means that these lights often effectively pay for themselves.

LED wall lighting creates soft, accented lighting in any room by spreading a flood-like beam of light gently against the adjacent wall. This light adds a glamorous appeal to your wall, while providing an attractive tonal gradient of your paint color. LED wall lighting is a must have for large open areas of your home where ceiling light may not fully reach, especially in hard to reach places where a low-maintenance light is preferable. Using supplemental LED wall lighting will give even light in living rooms, dining rooms, and other rooms throughout the home and office. These lights are great for safety purposes, as well, especially in hallways and entryways.

Here at Westside Wholesale, LED wall lights are available in many styles and sizes, and with different lumens and color temperatures. Be sure to order the fixture that is best suited for your space. This includes finding the right fixture for the bulbs you’d like to use and its base type. Alternatively, if you need to find the appropriate bulbs for your LED wall lighting, be sure to check out Westside Wholesale’s selection of LED bulbs and lights.

Kichler 42575SILED

Kichler 42575SILED

Kichler LED Wall Lighting, Soft Contemporary/Casual Lifestyle Housing Only Fixture - Silver Various

Our Price: $187.00

How to Select

How to select LED Wall Lighting

In addition to being a primary light source, lighting fixtures installed in a house or office can also become a decorative element of any room. That, of course, is if you select your lighting fixtures with care and consideration. The guide that Westside Wholesale has prepared will help learn about the most important details of an LED wall light and how to select the device that will fit your needs.

First of all, you will need to specify the size of the LED wall fixture and the amount of light that you want to get from it. If you plan to use it as a decorative element, there’s no need for such fixture to be powerful.

After the purpose of a LED wall light is specified, you can consider other important factor which is its installation. If all of the reparation work in your house is already finished, carefully select the lamp that can be mounted with the brackets that come with its kit. No matter how great-looking and stylish a LED wall lamp is, if it requires complicated installation, it probably doesn’t worth it.

Since most wall lighting fixtures are used as complimentary or decorative light sources, design is the most important feature of such fixture, after its wattage. You should definitely pay closer attention to the style and color options of any LED wall light that you select. Aim to purchase a fixture that not only has great specifications, but is also compatible with the decor of the wall.

After all of the important factors are being considered and the light is selected, you might still have some unanswered questions about its operation. The questions that people ask a lot is how the LED lights are so efficient and what the benefits of installing them in your house are? We will answer them both.

The main advantage of using LED technology is the energy efficiency level that it offers. When compared to the conventional light sources, such as fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs offer the best illumination features while spending 80 to 90% less energy. In addition to that, the life of a LED wall lamp or any LED fixture, for that matter, is 4 to 5 times longer.

The only disadvantage of a LED light is its price, since not every home owner can afford it. However, when you calculate the operating cost of all your lighting devices and the amount of money that LED lights could save you in the first few months of their exploitation, it becomes clear why so many people choose LED lighting for their homes and offices.