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About Leviton Occupancy Sensors

One of Westside Wholesale's most popular brands is Leviton, world-class innovator in home automation, security, network infrastructure, lighting solutions and much more. Leviton occupancy sensors are some of the company's finest products with many applications. These cutting-edge products feature impressive technology, including passive infrared, ultrasonic or combined sensing capabilities. Westside Wholesale's collection of Leviton motion sensors offers many installations, including wall mounted, ceiling mounted, wireless and wall switch options.

These Leviton sensors come in two main types: occupancy sensor and vacancy sensors, also known as motion sensors. Occupancy sensors automatically switch the lighting on when it detects motion and then off once no more motion is sensed. Vacancy sensors, on the other hand, require lights to be turned on manually, but activate and turn off the lights when motion is no longer detected.

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