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Westside Wholesale offers a range of LGĀ® Ductless Air Conditioning Systems from LG, one of the world's largest producers of air conditioners. Also known as a split air conditioner system, LG Ductless Air Conditioners offer the power of a centralized air conditioning system without the need for expensive construction expenses or the cost of having to cool the whole house. Each of LG's Ductless Air Conditioning Systems involves two parts: a unit installed in the desired room that delivers the air conditioning and a component set up outdoors. Refrigerant lines connect the two units, providing reduced-cost air conditioning and heating options for a room. Duct-free systems avoid much of the cost and confusion of installing air conditioning through ducts and are an economical solution for rooms and buildings that lack ducts or for rooms with hard-to-control temperature atmospheres.

LG's Ductless Air Conditioning Systems models are sleek and attractive, continuing LG;s sterling reputation for industrial design. LG systems provide a quiet but powerful flow of air throughout the room, and with its patented GoldFin™ Anti-Corrosion coating, the systems are expected to maintain high levels of efficiency for years to come. LG Ductless Air Conditioning Systems come with a factory warranty, but in order to qualify, installation should be done by a licensed heating contractor (must have EPA refrigerant certification). Depending on the size of the room and the style of the unit, LG offers several different Ductless Air Conditioning Systems options to ensure the best fit for customers. With new, more efficient technology in place, LG is a leader in lower-energy systems, which will help the environment as well as those end-of-the-month energy bills.