LG LS186HE Ductless Air Conditioning Single-Zone Wall Mount Mini Split System w/ Heat Pump - 18,000 BTU

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LG LS186HE Single Zone Ductless Mini Split

  • LG LS186HE Single Zone Ductless Mini Split
  • LG LS186HE
  • LG Single Zone Ductless Mini Split  LS186HE
  • LS186HE Single Zone Ductless Mini Split
  • LS186HE
  • LG LS186HE Single Zone Ductless Mini Split

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About the 18,000 BTU LG LS186HE Single Zone Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

The LG LS186HE  Single Zone Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner with Heat Pump is a wall mounted 18,000 BTU class unit. The featured heat pump in the unit is a reversible, two way pump that transfers heat between indoor and outdoor air. With its refrigerant vapor compression, it collects heat from outside and delivers it inside on the heating cycle, and reverses on the cooling cycle. Designed for mounting on your wall near the ceiling, it will remove cold air and heat more efficiently and evenly to where you want it.

Because it's ductless, the LG LS186HE Single Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner is not only convenient, but is ultra quiet and provides added safety and attractiveness to your home. Featuring many amenities like a multi-power system, defrost control, four fan speeds and automatic operation, this unit is sure to meet all of your AC needs.

The LG LS186HE Single Zone Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner with Heat Pump comes with a factory warranty, but be sure to have it professionally installed in order to be eligible for it.

Please Note: Mini-Split Systems must be installed by a licensed Heating Contractor holding an EPA Refrigerant Certification to qualify for warranty.

Air Conditioner BTU rating / per square foot chart:

(BTU ratings are based on 10ft ceilings, with Very Good insulation and windows -some factors may alter this calculation: lack of insulation, heavy sun, excessively hot regions, & tall ceilings)

9,000 BTU  150-350 sqft 12,000 BTU 350-500 sqft 18,000 BTU 500-700 sqft 24,000 BTU 700-1000 sqft 30,000 BTU 1000-1250 sqft

To make sure you install a unit is going to properly cool your square footage without excessive stress to the AC unit, installing a unit with redundant power will ensure longer lasting use, with less repair and maintenance. If unsure, use the lower range of the chart above.

  • Multi Power System: Energy-saving twin compressors: One provides power at 60 percent capacity, when desired temperature is reached, smaller compressor sustains 40 percent capacity
  • R410A Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Plasma air purifying system: 4-stage system features permanent filter, and electronic air purifier
  • Gold Fin Anti-corrosion
  • Dehumidifying mode: Indoor unit senses room temperature and controls humidity
  • Chaos swing: Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds
  • Jet cool: Operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool room
  • Cooling mode
  • Heating mode
  • Fan mode
  • Auto operation: Provides 3 levels of comfort; temperature/fan speed will set automatically
  • Manual power switch: Easily accessed button allows continued operation without remote control
  • Defrost control: Shuts down indoor fan to prevent cold air from blowing in; removes frost from coil when outdoor temperature is low
  • Temperature display on indoor unit: Shows interior unit temperature
  • Auto sleep mode: Automatically increases temperature setting 2° twice (after 1/2 hour and 1 hour)
  • Auto restart: Automatically restarts unit to programmed setting when electricity comes on after power failure
  • 24-Hour on/off timer
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Evaporator frost control
  • System Model: LS186HE
  • Indoor Model: LSN186HE
  • Outdoor Model: LSU186HEPerformance
  • Capacity (BTUs): 17,800 Cooling; 17,800 Heating
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 8.9
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER): 13
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF): 7.8
  • Air Circulation (CFM H/M/L): 560/490/430
  • Fan Speeds: 4/Auto/Chaos
  • Dehumidification (pts/hr): 5.8
  • Indoor dB(A): 46/43/39
  • Outdoor dB(A): 53Electrical
  • Rated Voltage Outdoor: 230/208-60-1
  • Rated Voltage Indoor: 36V DC
  • Rated Amperage: 9.3/10.3
  • Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA): 20
  • Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOP): 30Refrigerant Line and Formula
  • Pipe Size: Liquid: 1/4"; Suction: 1/2"
  • Additional Refrigerant: 0.22 oz/ft.
  • Maximum Pipe Length: 98 Feet
  • Maximum Elevation: 49 FeetDimensions and Weight
  • Indoor Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 42-15/16 x 11-13/16 x 7-1/32
  • Indoor Weight (lbs.): 28.6
  • Outdoor Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 34-5/16 x 25-13/16 x 12-5/8
  • Outdoor Weight (lbs.): 125Thermostat Range
  • Cooling / Heating (°F): 64-86/60-86Each system is pre-charged with enough refrigerant to charge 25 ft. of line and the interior unit. Please choose a proper wire size based on local and state code.
Two (2) Year Warranty on Parts; Five (5) Year Warranty on Compressor through the Manufacturer. LG's expressed Duct-Free (ductless) Air Conditioning Warranty policy applies only to products installed by qualified air conditioning contractors. Ductless Split Systems must be installed by a licensed Heating Contractor holding an EPA Refrigerant Certification.
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