LG LSN307HV2 Ductless Air Conditioning Single-Zone Wall Mount Air Handler w/ Heat Pump - 30,000 BTU

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Brand: LG Model: LSN307HV2 Condition: New

LG LSN307HV2 Single Zone Air Handlers

  • LG LSN307HV2 Single Zone Air Handlers
  • LG LSN307HV2
  • LG Single Zone Air Handlers LSN307HV2
  • LSN307HV2 Single Zone Air Handlers
  • LSN307HV2

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About the LG Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner 30,000 BTU Single-Zone with Heat Pump Inverter (Indoor Unit)       

The LG LSN307HV2 Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner 30,000 BTU Single-Zone with Heat Pump Inverter (Indoor Unit) offers a wall mounted, 30,000 class unit that features a heat pump inverter. It is full of features such as auto changeover, ultra quiet operation, R410A Refrigerant and a plasma air purifying system, this ductless air conditioner with heat pump inverter is designed to offer more for your home.

The LG LSN307HV2 Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner 30,000 BTU Single-Zone with Heat Pump Inverter (Indoor Unit) provides a split part design, where the air handler is indoors and the noisy condenser is installed outside. This eliminates the need for invasive and costly ductwork. Requiring only a 3" opening in the wall or ceiling, installation is easy with simple connection of electrical and refrigerant lines.

This unit also includes a reversible ductless heat pump that uses electricity to transfer heat between the indoors and outdoors. Using a two way refrigerant vapor compression system, it takes heat from the outside and delivers it inside on a heating cycle and reverses it on the cooling. Be sure to have the LG LSN307HV2 Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner 30,000 BTU Single-Zone with Heat Pump Inverter (Indoor Unit) professionally installed to qualify for the included factory warranty.

Please Note: Mini-Split Systems must be installed by a licensed Heating Contractor holding an EPA Refrigerant Certification to qualify for warranty.

Air Conditioner BTU rating / per square foot chart:

(BTU ratings are based on 10ft ceilings, with Very Good insulation and windows -some factors may alter this calculation: lack of insulation, heavy sun, excessively hot regions, & tall ceilings)

To make sure you install a unit is going to properly cool your square footage without excessive stress to the AC unit, installing a unit with redundant power will ensure longer lasting use, with less repair and maintenance. If unsure, use the lower range of the chart above.


• Inverter (variable speed compressor): Continues to operate at low speed to maintain temperature; quieter to operate and use less energy than conventional ACs that cycle on/off
• R410A Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly refrigerant
• Plasma air purifying system: 4-stage system features permanent filter, and electronic air purifier
• Gold Fin Anti-corrosion
• Chaos swing: Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds
• Self-cleaning indoor coil: Drives dirt and moisture from coil surface leaving it clean and fresh smelling
• Auto changeover
• Jet cool: Operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool room
• Cooling mode/Heating/Fan Mode
• Auto sleep mode: Automatically increases temperature setting 2° twice (after 1/2 hour and 1 hour)
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Dehumidifying mode: Indoor unit senses room temperature and controls humidity
• Auto restart: Automatically restarts unit to programmed setting when electricity comes on after power failure
• 24-Hour on/off timer
• Built-in low ambient standard down to 14°F (cooling mode)
• Manual power switch: Easily accessed button allows continued operation without remote control
• Defrost control: Shuts down indoor fan to prevent cold air from blowing in; removes frost from coil when outdoor temperature is low
• Temperature display on indoor unit: Shows interior unit temperature
• Evaporator frost control
• Energy saving
• 4 fan speeds


• System Model: LS307HV2
• Indoor Model: LSN307HV2
• Outdoor Model: LSU307HV2 (Sold Seperately)
(Replacement for System Model: LS306HV and LS307HV, Indoor Model: LSN306HV and LSN307HV, Outdoor Model: LSU306HV and LSU307HV2; NOT Compatible/Interchangeable with new models)

• Capacity (BTUs): 26,400 Cooling; 30,400 Heating
• Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 8.3
• Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER): 15
• Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF): 7.7
• Air Circulation (CFM H/M/L): 710/640/530
• Fan Speeds: 5/Auto/Chaos
• Dehumidification (pts/hr): 7.2
• Indoor dB(A): 47/43/41
• Outdoor dB(A): 58
• Rated Voltage Outdoor: 230/208-60-1
• Rated Voltage Indoor: 230/208-60-1
• Rated Amperage: 13.6/14.0
• Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA): 17
• Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOP): 30
Refrigerant Line and Formula
• Pipe Size: Liquid: 3/8"; Suction: 5/8"
• Additional Refrigerant: 0.22 oz/ft.
• Maximum Pipe Length: 98 Feet
• Maximum Elevation: 49 Feet
Both lines must be insulated.
Dimensions and Weight
• Indoor Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 47-5/8 x 13-5/8 x 8-1/16
• Indoor Weight (lbs.): 37.5
• Outdoor Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 34-5/16 x 31-1/2 x 12-5/8
• Outdoor Weight (lbs.): 147.7
Thermostat Range
• Cooling / Heating (°F): 64-86/60-86

Each system is pre-charged with enough refrigerant to charge 25 ft. of line and the interior unit. Please choose a proper wire size based on local and state code.

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