LG Recessed Lighting

A world leader in producing household appliances, LG won all markets worldwide and attracts clients by offering products of high quality at affordable prices.

LG lighting production is outstanding, modern, and unique. The features that make their products really outstanding are functionality, its creative design, and affordable prices.

Westside Wholesale’s emphasis is solving customers lighting issues by proposing high quality and energy efficient lighting products which is why we have chosen LG lighting as one of our best online offers.

As a manufacturer, LG stays up to date with all the newest technologies and constantly expands its product line by appealing to the interests and needs of all its customers worldwide. LG continues to expand their lighting line and we at Westside Wholesale continuely add their innovative LED lighting and recessed lighting products to our site.

The outstanding features of the LED lighting line is that all the products are energy efficient and long lasting. The recessed lighting fixtures are stylish and designed to be easy to install meeting any décor needs and lighting projects.

Here at Westside Wholesale we offer our customers the ceiling mounted lay-in fixture by LG. This LED fixture will provide any room with bright illumination for any home or commercial space.

For instance, the 3500K color temperature produces a warm white light, which is appropriate for house illumination.

Buy LG lighting to ensure the best quality illumination products today!

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How to Select

How to Choose Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting is highly configurable, so there are several options to consider when doing so.

Some things to consider:

  1. Recessed Housing Diameter:

Standard sizes for recessed housings typically range from 4”-24” based on the intensity of light needed in that area / room. 4” housings will only hold a bulb that is a maximum 3.5” in diameter (more or less). This allows for some ventilation around the bulb. Whereas, 6” housings can hold smaller bulbs suitable for a 4” fixture, or larger bulbs up to 5.5” in diameter (allowing room for ventilation). The same goes for larger models.

Insulated or not:

Some recessed lighting housing fixtures has included insulation that prevents the fixture from transmitting heat. The heat that is generated in your housing can be a problem if you do not have insulated fixtures and use bulbs that transmit a large amount of heat. We recommend using insulated housings when you are placing multiple recessed fixtures near each other to prevent a large build up of heat.In addition, insulation allows for a cooler operating temperature, resulting in a longer life for your bulb and the housing.

Bulb Type

The bulb type that you would like to use will change the type of housing you will want to install. If you are retrofitting or replacing n older fixture, you may want to look for an incandescent style housing to match older housings. Or, if you are renovation, or building new construction, consider newer types of lighting such as Compact Flourescent or LED Lighting. These innovative lighting types save electricity and are more modern forms of lighting. In recent years, LED Lighting housings have become more available and more popular. For “green” applications, LED Recessed Housings and bulbs should be considered.


If you are planning on installing dimmer switches to your recessed lights, you will want to install the appropriate fixtures to allow for this feature.

    Remodel or New Construction:

    Housing designs are different depending on if the housing is a new install or a remodel of a previous fixture. For remodeled applications, specific models are designed to retrofit easier and work better with existing equipment. If this is the case, make sure to look for models suitable for remodel applications.

    Commercial Grade:

    Some housings fixtures are designed with heavier duty parts which make them suitable for commercial installs. Commercial Grade models can also be connected in your home if the voltage complies. Be careful of connecting high voltage lighting to low voltages, as it may damage the fixture, expire the bulb, or result in electrical problems.

    For Additional Assistance in selecting the right recessed housing, please contact our Customer Service Department through Live Chat, or by calling 1-877-998-9378.