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We live in a fast paced world so the more gadgets we have, the easier are our lives are. Light timers are a perfect way to set your lighting to be automatically turned on or off. Aside from lighting, light timers can be set on everyday appliances and electronic devices, in addition to aquariums. Manufacturers produce a large variety of light timers to fit any of our daily needs. Besides being very much handy in the household, light timers are simple to use. Another great feature of light timer switches is the ability to save electricity.

What is a Light Timer?

The modern market offers a wide range of light timers to suit any of your needs. The timers have different functions, but their operational process is pretty much the same. Many customers agree, they are pretty straightforward. In some cases, people needs just a little bit of time to get used to operating them. So, if you encounter some functions that are difficult to understand or to operate, spend more time by reading the instructions manual, consult the online store support, or simply search the Internet.

How does it work?

A definition of a time switch or the so-called light timer states that the device is a timer that is designed to have control over an electric switch and it is based on a timing mechanism. Light timers can be connected to an electrical circuit or can be battery operated. The timing mechanism can be mechanical, electromechanical or electronic. Its main operation is to switch given equipment on and off.

Light Timers Specs and Features:

  • The light timers have a wide range of use. They are used for interior, exterior, street lighting, etc. The light timer is a popular safety feature that allows to switch the light on and off in a given pattern. Others will think that somebody is home and deter from breaking into the house. Other devices that timers easily operate are ovens, heating appliances, pool related devices, washing machines, vehicles, etc.
  • One of the greatest light timer’s features is the ability to regulate the electrical support, meaning, it is able to help to save money on electrical bills.

How to set a Light Timer

Professionals like to say that every light timer is different. Also, everyone will have their own reasons why they need a light timer in the first place. At times, customers face a bit of difficulty when they figure out how the light timer works, but after time and playing with it, they figure it out.

  • Reach the wall outlet and plug your timer directly into the outlet.
  • Set the current time.
  • Set the time when you wish the lights to turn on or off.
  • Plug in the particular lamp to the timer. Turn the lamp on.
  • If you have a digital timer, it is very easy to use. Digital timers offer excellent flexibility.
  • Check if your digital timer has a programmable schedule feature. Once again set the “on” and “off” time. Also, set a week schedule if needed.
  • Attach a lamp to the timer and let it control the on and off functions.