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Ceiling Lighting Accessories

Installation of ceiling fixtures is a responsible issue. Ceiling lights are the focal points of any house. For this reason, one should have everything necessary to install the ceiling lighting properly. Apply to Westside Wholesale for ceiling lighting accessories to implement this task.

Some people prefer to buy the kits that include all parts. However, they may not include enhancement accessories. Customers usually pursue two goals when they come to buy the ceiling lighting accessories. They want to repair the lighting fixtures or they want to enhance the lighting in the house.

Kichler Lighting sticks to the principle that lighting should be a reflection of the individuality. Every person should have a chance to enhance the lighting system to his taste. There is a variety of solutions that Kichler offers. Define your style buying the accessories from this company.

For instance, one may want to increase the general length of fixtures. Kichler offers the accessory stems of different sizes and finishes: iron 2999AVI, bronze 2999SZ, brushed nickel 2999NI and a lot of others. There is a big choice of accessory chain fixtures in this section.

Light pollution can be a serious problem under certain conditions. Westside Wholesale is ready to offer simple solution for its customers. Buy the accessory panel that makes fixtures emit only a subtle down light. There are models Kichler 4827WH, 4800WH, 4801WH, 4802WH, 4803WH, 4804WH, 4806WH.

Buy wall sconce replacement glass with different patterns: leaf pattern (Kichler 4884), curved lines (Kichler 4079) and others.

Other products offered:

  • Kichler 4900TZ presents ceiling mount kit for suspension of mini-pendants over the table in the kitchen or any other room.
  • Kichler 4900ANO does the same but it features Art Nouveau finish. These kits include all necessary hardware for installation.
  • Acquire the canopy for installation of ceiling light (for instance, Kichler 3000) even with a slope (up to 45 degrees). Canopies come with mounting strap and hardware.
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Kichler 4908RG

Kichler 4908RG

Kichler Original Accessory Chain Fixture - Rosario Gold

Our Price: $35.00
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How to Select

How to select Ceiling Lighting Accessories

It is never an easy task to install a ceiling light, especially when a fixture like that requires lot of mounting accessories. The following guide prepared by Westside Wholesale will help you learn about the many factors to consider when looking for a perfect ceiling light accessory.

Since there are various accessories that each offer different features, it is important that you specify the purpose of the accessory in addition to its mounting location beforehand. Knowing these two details will save you time and money when looking for ceiling lighting accessories.

The most commonly used accessories that can help you with a ceiling light installation are chains, stems, tracks and decorative panels. In order to select the items that will fit your needs the most you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Size and installation requirements. Compare the size of the lighting fixture and the accessory that you are planning to buy and ensure that they match. In addition to that, find out what the installation requirements for this particular fixture are and whether the lighting accessory complies with them.
  • Design. This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of any ceiling lighting accessory. Because the fixtures that are installed on the ceiling will be seen from every location of the room, they need to blend with the overall style/décor of the building. After all, you don’t want your lighting fixture to steal the attention from your favorite sculptures, paintings or other details of the interior that took so much of your time and effort.
  • Price and quality. Price usually becomes the decisive factor when it comes to lighting devices or lighting accessories. People agree to purchase the cheapest item from the store only to save some money. Before you make the same mistake, pay attention to the quality of the item and the manufacturer who had made it. Many of the well known brands offer ceiling lighting accessories with affordable prices and warranties; you just need to find such deals. Always remember that cheapest accessories will result in more money spent in the future.

How to know if a lighting accessory is compatible with my ceiling lamp?

Before you buy any accessories you will need to ensure that they are compatible with the lighting fixture. It’s important that you find out what the size of the accessory is and then compare it with the size of the actual fixture. In addition, it is important that you ensure that the accessory that you have selected is safe to be used with the lamp. Such information can be found in the description of the item.