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Miniature Track Lighting

Westside Wholesale offers miniature track lights. Miniature track lighting is an excellent solution. It gives a new look to your room. Even miniature track lights are powerful light sources. Use the miniature track lighting for targeted lighting.

Make the room neat with track lighting that hides the wires. Find the right track base among the wide selection of Westside Wholesale products. Miniature track lights are good for small rooms. There are 2, 4, 6 foot tracks of white and black color: Elco EP2202B, EP2202W, EP2204B, EP2204W, EP2208B, EP2208W.

Homeowners can acquire mini track bases with the adjustable reflector to increase the brightness of lighting. Follow this advice buying the models ET210B and ET2103W. One can also use mini track fixtures of projector type ET2104B for focused illumination.

Highlight any area of your room with help of small nice lights that save the space. There are different types and styles of miniature track lighting. The monocle of classic style Elco ET2123B (black) or ET2123W (white) look great in the traditional design. There are track fixtures of deco style: Elco ET2125B, ET2125W. All lights are low voltage. That means that users can economize money on power bills.

Many users prefer Elco gimbal ring fixtures (ET2126B, ET2126W, ET2108B) for their flexibility. 358 degree rotation becomes available with them. One can illuminate any part of the room with miniature track lights. Householders can direct the track lights to provide the targeted lighting.

Browse the section for miniature track lighting supplies. One can find the following articles:

  • Track pendant adapter: EP2015B.
  • Miniature track connectors of different forms or the straight one such as EP2004W.
  • Track floating canopy EP2028B.
  • Miniature track live end EP2025W.

There are supplies from Halo and WAC manufacturers that present the similar products in Westside Wholesale. One should pay attention to the compliance of different parts. Find out how convenient the miniature track lights buying the supplies from our store to enhance your place.

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Elco Lighting EP2028B

Elco Lighting EP2028B

Elco Lighting Miniture-Track Floating Canopy - Black

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How to Select

How to select Miniature Track Lighting

Miniature track lights can be used for targeting lighting in rooms that already have primary illumination devices. Fixtures like this can help you highlight a certain part of the interior of your home or an object that requires more attention. The guide that Westside Wholesale has prepared for you will help you find the best options for your home.

The first factor that you should pay attention to when looking for miniature track lighting devices is their type and what they are typically used for. Completing this step is really easy—when you know what purpose the fixture will hold and its mounting location, you’ll know what type you need. For example, you may want to install miniature lights on the wall near your favorite painting, on the ceiling above the dining room table or on the floor to highlight the stairs.

Now, the power source of miniature track lighting should also be taken into consideration. You may be able to connect the fixtures into the line or install them with low-voltage systems, but this factor also depends on the location of the track lighting.

The track heads, their size and design are factors that require your attention as well. Modern track heads come in various styles and designs, starting with traditional and ending with contemporary options. The best way to select a perfect miniature track head is to look for options that match the existing style/décor of the room. No matter what head you select, it should be compatible with the track section and adapters that you have.

The light combinations of miniature track lights are details that everyone forgets about. For instance, consider the adjustability of the fixtures and whether they offer multiple modes of operation. Since the main purpose of miniature track lighting is to highlight or decorate the space with light, you might want to have the ability to change the illumination depending on your mood and needs.

How to mount miniature track lighting? Usually, such fixtures come equipped with instructions and all necessary mounting accessories. If you know how to handle a screwdriver, you won’t have any trouble installing your track lights by yourself. If that’s not the case, hire someone to install the lights for you.

Will I be able to adjust the light’s direction? If you select miniature track lights with adjustable heads, you will be able to change their location and thus control the direction of light. You need to ensure that the track lights that you select have adjustable heads, otherwise you will break them.