Lithonia Under Cabinet Lighting

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer the best solutions in commercial, institutional, residential and industrial lighting with the world famous brand Lithonia. Lithonia lighting is well known globally for manufacturing lighting products that feature outstanding qualities in reliability and performance sphere.

We present the under cabinet lighting line by Lithonia to be able to offer to our clients the products of exceptional quality that we sell at low prices and without any ship costs at all.

The fluorescent under cabinet lighting designed in classic white color is just an excellent solution to be used in any possible application. It’s really multipurpose as an outstanding ultra slim design of the fixture is able to fit almost everywhere. The design of the light also features special flattened knockouts that give to the whole fixture a slick and cleaner appearance. Thanks to a fit diffuser the light contains users get an improved shatter resistance. It also features special linear prismatic diffuser for enhanced visual comfort and better visibility.

The under cabinet light is exceptionally easy in installation and maintenance being featured with snap fit attachment as well as installed starter.

The finish of the fixture provides non-complicated maintenance so there is no need in cleaning it often. It has a wide array of applications with possibility to be used as closet lighting, decorative accent, under stair lighting, closet lighting, ceiling lighting in the kitchen and many others. The lighting has an outstanding quality and comes with one year warranty by Lithonia.

Lithonia UC 42 120 LP SWR

Lithonia UC 42 120 LP SWR

Lithonia Under Cabinet Light, 42"Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting - White

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How to Select

How to select Under Cabinet Lighting

When looking for reliable and efficient options to illuminate certain areas of your kitchen or bathroom, under cabinet lighting is one of the best choices that you could make. To help you select the most suitable fixtures to fit your needs, Westside Wholesale has prepared a simple guide that you can follow.

The first factor that you have to pay attention to when selecting under cabinet lighting is the type of such devices such as incandescent, fluorescent and LED types.

Incandescent under cabinet lights are available in different color temperatures and wattages and offer a wide selection of styles that you can choose from. The advantages of this type of lighting include affordable price and easy to replace light bulbs. However, incandescent lights don’t last long and require replacement once or twice a year.

Fluorescent under cabinet lights offer easy installation, great color rendering and operation without buzzing or flickering. Such lights are also affordable but have a limited life and have to be replaced from time to time.

LED under cabinet lights have a very significant difference that makes them perfect for everyday use. They provide bright lighting features while using significantly less energy than any other type of lighting does. In addition to this, LED light bulbs last 5 times longer and require replacement once in 5-10 years.

After the type of your under cabinet lighting has been selected, you can move to the next important details, such as size, installation and design.

The size of the under cabinet lighting fixture depends on its purpose and the mounting location. For example, if you are planning to use it as a complimentary lighting source in the kitchen and want to mount it behind a counter or a cabinet, you can select a small under cabinet light. In case you want to decorate the area with the lights, look for more powerful devices that would bring more light to the room.

Don’t forget about the control options. You might want your under cabinet lighting fixtures to be compatible with remote controls. After all, being able to preset the operation of such fixtures or to control their brightness is always a nice benefit. If you would like to take advantage of controllers, it is important that you ensure that your specific under cabinet lighting choice is compatible. Not all under cabinet lights are.

The design of any lighting fixture that you install in your house coincide with the style that you have created for the space.