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About Lumark LED Lighting

Another great manufacturer that we are happy to present today is Lumark. Being a part of Lumark-Cooper Industries, this brand has gained popularity due to its extended durability features and functions. Available at affordable price at Westside Wholesale online store, this lighting product line is continuing to gain more popularity due to these important features.

LED Lighting Lumark Features List:

  • The LED lighting Lumark is patent pending;
  • Slim and low-profile LED design;
  • Secure lock-hinge options;
  • A single-point closure;
  • Able to be mounted on variety of surfaces;
  • LED optical lenses are silicone-sealed;
  • Die-cast aluminum box.

The Lumark Crosstour LED lighting come in Wall Pack Series and are fully presented at our online store at discounted prices. Being able to provide exceptional architectural style with superior quality and brightness LED’s, this type of lighting is highly energy efficient as well. Clients appreciate the low-profile and rugged die-cast that is able to put a focus on the overall space design value. Being highly durable product line, the LED Lighting Lumark has solid aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware and universal use box. The Sealed optical compartment of the LED makes it completely contaminants free. Ideal for all types of surfaces, the LED Lumark Lighting can be mounted on the wall, horizontal surfaces, inverted mount position for facades, low level pathways, etc. As you can see the versatile use of these superior LED lights enables to use them anywhere on the given property.

Clients use the LED lighting Lumark to illuminate the building entrances, apartment buildings, schools, libraries, outside pools buildings, stairways, loading docks, and multi-use facilities such as garages, doorways and workshops. See for yourself our exquisite line of Lumark lighting products and find the options that are 100% suitable for your own lighting purposes and goals. We believe that purchasing LED lighting Lumark is the right choice because this line of products will serve you for a long time.

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