Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformers

Malibu Lighting 8100-0900-01
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Malibu Lighting 8100-0900-01
Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformer 900W Low Voltage Digital Power Pack

About Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformers

Westside Wholesale offers a wide variety of electrical transformers created and manufactured by Malibu the well-known brand in the field of producing different kinds of electrical equipment. Being always of the highest quality, durability, and reliability, these electrical transformers are created to protect electrical equipment from the fluctuations in the electrical network eventually caused by outside damages or bad weather. Although the prices and specifications of these products may vary, they are always of the highest quality and are being manufactured for home and commercial use.

Features and Specifications

Due to a variety of features and specifications, electrical transformers by Malibu are attractive for the customers. The manufacturer offers:

  • Built-in photo eye;
  • Easy controllable of the low-voltage lighting system and user interface;
  • Heavy-duty metal (polymer) construction, which is ideal for outdoor installation;
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistance for durability;
  • CSA Listed;
  • Plug in power cord;
  • Multi-function usage;
  • Electric power: 200 Watt; 600 Watts;
  • Bright, reliable light in any weather;
  • Safe, easy, do-it-yourself installation.

Malibu Lighting 8100-0200-01 and Malibu Lighting 8100-0200-01 are of some specific features:

  • Not suitable with submersible pumps and luminaries;
  • Not in use with dimmers;
  • MINIMUM 18 gauge low voltage outdoor cable for install;
  • ONLY with MAXIMUM 100W lamp load in use;
  • Mixed added bulb wattages up to a max total of 100 watts;
  • Good for outdoor use only.

Malibu lighting transformers are very easy-to-handle and to maintain both in installation, or everyday use. They are better for the outdoor use, no matter home or commercial. With the help of this kind of equipment, it is possible to convert the electricity from 120V to the low 12V. Photo-eye system control can be accepted as a high-end innovation in the electrical transformers by Malibu. Reliability, durability, safety, and the bright illumination are what the customers will get they buy this kind of equipment. No more electric current fluctuations! All the indoor and outdoor equipment will stay protected!

Multi-function transformers by Malibu are always of the best quality and price. They may be shipped even on the same day as ordered. 1-year warranty is more what the customers can expect. Furthermore, these electrical transformers can be turned on in the evening and work until morning regularly.

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