Mechanical Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats at Westside Wholesale are produced by world famous brands. These are LUX Thermostats, Cadet and Broan. Professionals know the companies as reliable manufacturers. The quality of the products is always exceptional. For all companies thermostats are one of the key directions of developing business. Unlike digital models mechanical thermostats are cheap. However, they are still efficient and control the temperature in the room. They are ideal for those who want to maintain a certain level of comfort but at the same time save money.

LUX Thermostat models are simple and affordable. They can be easily installed by anyone. There might be models only for cooling or both for heating and cooling. They are safe as there is no mercury, so no leaks are possible. LUX thermostats can be used practically with any appliance. They meet the highest industry standards and are so simple that can be used by children. LUX also has special eco0friendly models like THC15. There are no batteries required to operate the model. The design of this unit reminds professional models.

Cadet has several different models. One is a bimetal model that is perfect for wall-mount. It is recommended to be used with baseboards and in-wall fan heaters. Another model provides better temperature control with a vapor-filled dual diaphragm temperature control. Cadet products allow to save up to 12% on the heating costs.

Broan model is one of the simplest on the market. It is suitable for all Broan heaters. The temperature can be controlled from 50 to 85 degrees. Broan can boast of having a number of awards for their products. That is why a simple and cheap model can be even more efficient that complicated competitors’ units.

At Westside Wholesale you can choose from the range of best mechanical thermostats on the market. Not only they are sold at wholesale prices but also many of them are on sale. Get an appliance that will maintain the comfort in the house and save money right now.

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How to Select

How to select Mechanical Thermostats

Installing a thermostat with a heating or cooling device of your choice allows you to program their operation, making it more efficient. In addition to that, thermostats help you create a perfect environment for every room of your house.

The various types of thermostats that exist today offer diverse controlling options. This guide will focus on the most common type of thermostats – mechanical ones and will help you select the perfect option for your home.

The first thing you need to know is that mechanical thermostats are the oldest and most common temperature controlling devices that have been used in industrial and residential buildings for more than a century. Of course, modern thermostats have different design and construction but the ways of their operation have remained the same. A mechanical thermostat uses physical means to activate the switch and turn the cooling or heating system on and off.

The types of sensor technologies that are used in modern mechanical thermostats are: tubes filled with air, bimetallic strips, bulbs filled with gas or wax pellets. These technologies vary depending on the purpose of a thermostat; however, each of the sensors reacts to temperature changes and triggers the proper switch to adjust the temperature to the required level.

When selecting a mechanical thermostat for your home, make sure it is compatible with the device you are willing to use it with. In addition to that, pay attention to the installation type of a thermostat and whether you have all of the necessary wires to connect it with the device.

The controls of a mechanical thermostat are also something to consider. If the control panel is too complicated and you don’t understand it, you will have hard time adjusting the temperature of your heater.

Additional features of a thermostat are something you can really benefit from. For example, your future thermostat could offer automatic adjustment of a temperature when it reaches a certain level but such features are available with more advanced thermostats, such as digital or wireless.

The material from which the thermostat is made should be water and temperature resistant. Not that it device comes in direct contact with the heating device but a simple water drop can disable the device if it is not properly protected. This will result in unplanned reparation or even replacement of the thermostat, resulting in additional money spending.

When selecting a mechanical thermostat, many customers forget about its design. It should not be the determining factor but it is always nice to have a thermostat that matches your wall’s décor and adds some style to the interior.