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How to Select

How to select Mini-Chandeliers

A mini-chandelier can become a stylish addition to your dining room, hallway or any other room that you plan on installing it. The following guide will help you learn about the most valuable factors in order to select a chandelier that will fit your needs the most.

The first thing that you should do is specify the location where the mini-chandelier will be installed. Knowing its future location will help you with other details, such as size, design and quality of a chandelier. When the mounting location is specified, you can select the size of the future lighting fixture. First, it’s important that you determine the square footage of the area where you want a chandelier to hang. The larger the area is, the bigger should the size of a mini-chandelier be. For example, a room with 10 x 10 feet will need a fixture with diameter of 17-20 inches.

Chandelier’s height is another factor to consider before committing to buying it. The area between a mini-chandelier and the object below it should not exceed 30 inches. Also, if you are looking for a fixture to install above a dining table, it’s important to ensure that the table is larger than the chandelier.

The frames of a chandelier and its décor should be the factors that you take into account next. The fixtures that are offered today are made of various materials, including chrome metal, bronze, stainless steel etc. Ensure that the material fits into the décor of the room and does not spoil the interior style of the building. You might also want to select a material that is not easily scratched and damaged.

The style of a chandelier is a detail that requires your consideration as well. If you can’t make a decision, find a mini-chandelier with a traditional style because you can never go wrong with it.

Now that the important details are taken into account, spend some more minutes to find the information about the manufacturer and the quality of the chandelier. No matter how low a price of a mini-chandelier is, you need to ensure that it won’t brake in the first month of operation. See that the fixture that you are willing to purchase comes backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the benefits of installing mini-chandeliers instead of traditional lighting fixtures?

In addition to providing the space with light, mini-chandeliers add style and sophistication to the décor of the room where they are installed. This is the main reason why people select chandeliers when looking for decorative and stylish lighting fixtures.