Moen Commercial Bathroom Products

Westside Wholesale offers the number one faucet and bathroom units brand in North America. Moen, wchich is already known to our clients by their great stylish faucets offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed bath ADA complied grab bars, showerheads, accessories and other bath safety products. We do our best for answer residential and commercial applications: each delivering order comes to be the best possible combination of lasting value, meaningful innovation, useful features and other featurings.

In 2010 Moen was named 2010 WaterSense® Manufacturer Partner of the Year by the EPA, so this talks a lot about it’s customer care policy. The catalogue items that Westside Wholesale offers are based on Moen’s significant WaterSense-labeled product offerings, promotional efforts and strategic collaborations. Spot Resist™ finish debuts, enabling consumers to clean their faucets less often.

Check the model Moen 8724 for commercial useful application even in non-spacious bathrooms. 24" Grab Bar has Stainless Safety certificate and is a sturdy fixture that provides added safety for visitors and users. This is though stainless steel finish that makes compliment to any type of bath interior from modern to vintage. The Moen 8724 model utilizes concealed screws. This helps it to be ADA compliant. Have the undoubtedly limited life time warranty with Westside Wholesale.

Additional offer from Westside Wholesale is Moen R8924 model. This 24" Safety Grab Bar is a super sturdy grab bar can easily add safety and convenience to any bathroom. The body is made from a stainless steel finishing mixing with any type of interior. Sure it is ADA compliant and features concealed screws. It is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty as well as many others items in our catalogue. Check for the best prices right now at Westside Wholesale.

Moen 8724

Moen 8724

Moen 24" Stainless Safety Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

Our Price: $15.77

How to Select

How to Choose Commercial Bathroom Products

A topic of choosing the right commercial bathroom products is truly a broad one. There are a lot of issues to be discussed and described here, and the importance of these little fixtures is simply beyond question. Not only do they contribute to the overall design and quality level of any commercial establishment, they sufficiently simplify the process of bathroom and lavatory use, making it more convenient and hygienic.

There is a wide list of commercial bathroom accessory types that you can take advantage of — the most commonly used are the following:

  • Baby Changing Tables. Changing stations are extremely useful in those places where little children are expected to appear. First of all, these are airports, railway or bass stations, large trading centers, hospitals, and other public places. Availability of such a convenient and easy-to-use device within a washroom area allows parents to change diapers for their babies and provides them with a safe and hygienic environment.
  • Grab Bars. This is an extremely important part of any washroom. Grab bars provide people with space for grabbing and confidence in safety and enough balance. While wet floors in washrooms may constitute a significant danger for people, the handy wall mounted fixtures for grabbing remain irreplaceable in such places.
  • Hand Dryers. This is a smart and convenient washroom device that is considered to be a highly efficient one. With a hand dryer installation there remains no need in disposable paper towels and things like that. The washroom remains clean and free from a heap of thrown around paper while washroom visitors stay satisfied with a pleasant service. Hand dryers can be either button or sensor operated.
  • Hand Sanitizers. This is a great addition to any washroom. It is not a secret that public places can appear to be a primary source of bacteria and viruses. It is quite easy to catch an unexpected disease while staying in such place for a long time. In this case a timely washing of hands can become a real escape. That is why, hand sanitizers still remain one of the most important and demandable type of washroom accessories all around the world.
  • Sanitary Dispensers. This is a highly useful sanitary fixture applied in most of the public washrooms. It provides clean and pleasant environment and improves the overall service level of any commercial establishment. There are different types of sanitary dispensers according to the kind of things they are dispensing. Among the most commonly used are the following: dispensers for cups and lids, facial tissues, foam, soap, gloves, napkins, female toiletries, seat covers, toilet tissues, towels, multi-purposed units and waste receptacles.

While choosing a full set of commercial bathroom products required for one separate washroom, other accessories like ashtrays and urns, cabinets, hair dryers, janitorial, mirrors, plumbing, shower accessories, soap and toothbrush holders, toilet partition hardware, urinals, vendors, and disposals can be taken advantage of.