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How to Shop for Rough-In Valves

Rough-In Valves are used for pressure balance and the valves help to control the volume, temperature and pressure of water in any application. This is simple but resourceful product that helps to regulate the maximum water pressure and temperature, and simultaneously it helps to save money on electricity by saving energy. Customers can find various Rough-In Valves for various kinds of water applications and system at Westside Wholesale. The products that are available at Westside Wholesale includes large range of bathroom rough-in valves, built-in transfer valves, pressure regulating valves, wall mounted valves and many more. Also, all these valves are available in different sizes and models.

Wide collection of Rough-In Valves helps to find precisely what people require when fixing some added fixtures to the old water system. The benefits of installing such products include strongest, continuous reliability, high level performance, etc. Rough-in Valves are available in nonmetallic materials and in stainless steel, they are considered as highly convenient and practical for any kind of water systems. Other advantages of Rough-In Valves include automatic adjustment ability. If there is any kind of water-flow change happens, this valve automatically shut-off the system.

The factors one should consider:

  • Moen Rough-In shower and Tub Facet. This valve balance flow of cold and hot water pressure and controls the fluctuation of water pressure. Regulating the water flow maintains the shower temperature steadily and comfortably, within one degree Celsius of the normal temperature. Another best feature of Rough-In Valve is that it controls the water-flow rate, which means to get the exact amount of water at exact preferable temperature.
  • Rough-In Valve Model 3570. This model comes with essential check stops that allow to shut-off the water flow wherever there is necessity and the valve serves people with the option of shutting off water instead of shutting-off for the entire house. Customers can replace parts only on the damaged unit by shutting of the water flow for that particular faucet.
  • Rough-In Valve Model 3330. This model is used for vertical-spa-sets, come with ½ inch copper pipe. This rough-in valve includes essential check stops and allows to, shut-off water flow only where it is required.

People will get quality brands like Meon and Delta at Westside.

When people are ready to shop, Westside Wholesale should be your first and last stop. When you purchase our products you will experience a diverse variety of advantages such as fast shipping, a manufacturer’s warranty and affordable prices. We also offer 10% addition discount on your entire purchase or when you order Rough-In valves in large quantity.