Mr. Scrappy Water Dispensers

Westside Wholesale aims to give its customers an opportunity to buy high-quality products from renowned manufacturers at the most affordable prices. Westside Wholesale presents a line of air switches for garbage disposals and water dispensers from one of the industry’s known brand names Mr. Scrappy. The manufacturer specializes in the development of residential kitchen and household appliances, particularly food waste disposers, water treatment and hot water dispensers. Mr. Scrappy extensive experience and commitment to innovation have made it a recognized leader in the industry. Its original products will be able to meet even the most demanding customers’ needs.

Mr. Scrappy air switches for garbage disposals and water dispensers offered for sale by Westside Wholesale feature thoughtful design and uncompromising quality to become a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. The Mr. Scrappy disposer air switches can be easily installed through the sink or counter top. The design of the air switches, available for sale on Westside Wholesale, uses air pressure to activate the electrical current. Thus, there is no need to worry about the risk of electrical failure or shock, since the switches are waterproof and the button can be pressed even with wet hands. For more convenience, some of the product line items have an extra outlet for hot water disposer or compactor.

Given the latest trends towards home maintenance and improvement, there is no place for poor-quality and low-efficiency units in the kitchen. Every detail appears to be important, especially when it comes to improving the living space of your own house. Reliable Mr. Scrappy air switches, offered by Westside Wholesale at the most attractive prices, will make it easier to work over a kitchen table. Thanks to their superior design and advanced features, the air switches will perfectly blend in with any kitchen interior, bringing a feeling of safety and confidence.

Mr. Scrappy MSAS-60

Mr. Scrappy MSAS-60

Mr. Scrappy Dual Outlet Air Switch for Garbage Disposals / Water Dispensers - Clamshell

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How to Select

How to shop for Water Dispensers

Water dispenser is one of the important part; of the household and work place appliances. Imagine how life would be to get hot or cold water on free will? Very little effort is given to purchase this essential appliance watering to satiate the domestic needs. Westside Wholesale has a quite range of water dispensers that comes in a variety of beautiful styles and finishes, including home and design colors.

Every water dispenser available with Westside Wholesale costs just few pennies and it will be perfect option to go for when people plan to remodel your kitchen or build a new home. All the Water dispensers available for shopping in Westside dispenses water at the temperature range of 180 – 204 degrees F with working pressure up to 175 psi.

Choosing the perfect water dispenser is a prime factor and we are glad to assist people in identifying a perfect model for your perfect kitchen.

  • Effective operation. Most of the models have an in-built tank into which cool water flows when the handle is pulled. Water is then heated up to 204 degrees F and will be dispensed from the spout. When the handle is released valves gets closed and so the flow of hot water is checked. There are some dispensers where the water tank heats the water at 110 degrees hence the water that emerges out of the spout won't be that hot. Some models come in with in- built filtration mechanism to eliminate contaminants, and can dispense hot or cold water depending on the need. Few other models are equipped with an advanced filtration system to kill dangerous parasites and protozoa.
  • Energy Efficiency. The purpose of the water dispenser is to provide people with hot water when required, and it does so by using a considerable amount of energy to heat cold water. There are models where the tank, keeps the water intact hot always, consuming significant energy. So choose for a model that which heats and delivers only what is needed.
  • Ease of Installation. Generally, the water dispensers can be installed by the owners or plumbers with much ease. Be sure the model that, choose doesn't give people tedious time to install and demand extra efforts from plumbers. Some models are easy to dismantle to aid in the cleaning process.

Customers can purchase from brands like InSinkErator and Moen at Westside Wholesale. Westside Wholesale is the best place to find high quality products at affordable prices and with free shipping options.