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Nutone Bath Fans

Nutone Bathroom Fans

Steamy mirrors, moist walls and clouded windows are signs your bathroom may be growing mold, mildew, ruined insulation, and wood rot. Moisture and airborne pollutants don’t go away until they are fully vented away.  Removing leftover moisture keeps the home dry and comfortable and helps us to avoid mold and mildew.  Don’t let these growing problems affect the health and air-quality of your home, with bath ventilation solutions from NuTone, we can clear the air quickly and powerfully by eliminating budding issues before they develop into problems.

Since 1926, NuTone has been the innovator and standard in the ventilation industry.  Today, they are engineering and testing the next generation of ventilation solutions to keep your home and family comfortable.  In 2009, they won multiple awards for innovations in bath ventilation fans, including the Home Builder Executive (HBE) Innovation awards and the Home Improvement Executive (HIE) Innovation award.  In the same year, they were also awarded with the Remodeler’s Choice 100 products and the Platinum ADEX award, sponsored by Qualified Remodeler.  Also, NuTone is certified by the Home Ventilation Institute (HVI), an independent organization that certifies the airflow and sound performance claims to ensure the product will perform as claimed.

Before buying a bathroom fan, most consumers concern themselves with questions of quality, affordability, variety, and noise.  NuTone’s products demonstrate quality through superior performance, and the true measure of performance is a clear bathroom mirror after any lengthy shower experience. Affordability is demonstrated with a complete line of Energy Star qualified ventilation fans, which can saves the consumer both money and energy.  Its products use high efficiency motors and lighting to lower energy use by as much as 65%, without having to give up any performance.  Variety is provided via a broad selection of home ventilation products, like the Heavy Duty Ventilation fans have a permanently lubricated motor and an enclosed design for continuous operation.  All of NuTone’s products are built to reduce noise, especially the Ultra Silent line which features nearly silent fan operation for a quiet fan experience in your bathroom.

NuTone’s bathroom accessories are also available to maintain your bathroom’s best conditions.  They offer replacement filters, ducts, fan grills and ducting kits. Also, Nutone features both standard 4” and 6” ducts and duct-free bathroom ventilation fans.

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Nutone ZN80L

Nutone ZN80L

Nutone Bathroom Fan, 110 CFM Dual Speed ULTRA X2 Series w/Light & Energy Star Rated - for 6" Duct

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Nutone 744LEDNT

Nutone 744LEDNT

Nutone Bathroom Fan, 70 CFM Recessed LED Light w/ Ventilation - for 4" Duct

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Nutone QTREN080FL

Nutone QTREN080FL

Nutone Bathroom Fan, 80 CFM Ultra Silent Series w/ Light, Energy Star Rated - for 4" Duct

Our Price: $174.49
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How to Select

How to Select a Bathroom Fan

Selecting the proper bathroom fan for your application is important to maximize the lifespan of the fan and parts.


Deciding which manufacturer to purchase from is important. Often times, manufacturers use different quality parts based on the given price point. Economy grade fans may use less durable parts and may have a slightly shorter lifespan. Whereas, higher end models typically are quieter, last longer, and have more power.

CFM Rating:

The CFM rating refers to Cubic Feet per Minute. This is the volume of air that is moved by the fan during a 60 second period.  The CFM rating is important in case you are installing the fan in an area requiring quick ventilation, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Bathroom fans that have a higher CFM rating will be able to remove smoke and steam much faster than less powerful fans. For small areas such as single bathrooms, a 50-100 CFM fan will suffice, however, for kitchen applications, for large bathrooms, or steam rooms, higher power models are recommended.

Fan Types:

At Westside Wholesale, we sell many types of fans based on your preference. Combination bathroom fans include features such as night light, heaters, and humidity sensors depending on your needs.


Bathroom fans come in several ratings of noise level from Standard to Super Quiet. The output noise level is rated in Sones, to give a accurate measure of what to expect from your fan. Super Quiet bath fans can reach a Sone level as little as <0.3 Sones. At this level, the fan is virtually silent and produces less than 1/3rd the noise of a running refrigerator. The Sone level has a direct impact on the price point of the fan, meaning that less expensive fans typically generate more noise.

Installation Application:

If your application is a retrofit, than it is important to make sure the dimensions of the fan you select match the dimensions of the fan to be replaced to reduce rough in time and effort. It is also important to know if the fan is hardwired or if it has a standard outlet plug.

Duct Size:

Most bath fans use a 4” duct to output the air from the fan. If you are replacing a bathroom fan, you will want to check the exiting duct size that is being used by your ventilation system to reduce further modifications. If your exiting duct size is limiting the amount of air flow through your system, you may consider using a larger diameter duct to reduce air pressure in your system.