Nutone Ceiling Fans

Popularity. Westside Wholesale presents Nutone Brand of the Broan-NuTone LLC. It history goes back to the 1932. NuTone is a leading company with forward-thinking residential ventilation products and superior customer service. A few companies can boast of the fact that over 80% of homeowners in the United States rely on the NuTone's products. This company manufactures revolutionary products that help to maintain indoor and outdoor comfort. They also think about the environment and offer a number of green and eco-friendly solutions.

Design. NuTone's designers work hard to create an appliance that would be not only an efficient fan, but also a good-looking decoration to the interior of any room. There is a wide array of blade finishes which a customer can choose from.

Efficiency. The company tries its best to instill the latest technologies into every model. These fans are easy to install and easy to operate. NuTone offers a full line of accessories to help customers with any need. When the weather is cold, the fan on the low speed makes warm air go down. Thus, the temperature in the room seems higher. It helps to save money on electricity bills. During the hot season the rotation direction is switched, producing a cool breeze.

Models. Westside Wholesale recommends a line of models which is displayed at the catalogue. For example, model CFH52 available in several different finishes is one of the most popular appliances. It has an elegant classic design, three speed settings. If needed, it can be supplemented with the light kit and wall controls. However, this model is not compatible with the remote control. The remote control can be bought separately later for the CFS Standard Series Ceiling Fans, for example.

Energy Star. Energy Star models use less energy that the suchlike standard fans. So it costs less per year as well as in the long term to own this appliance. Those who are concerned with efficiency should pay attention to these models.

You can find all the most efficient NuTone ceiling fans as well as the accessories for them in Westside Wholesale.

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Nutone 79V

Nutone 79V

Nutone Fan Speed Control, 1.5A Four Speed Fan and Light Wall Control for Ceiling Fans - Ivory

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Nutone 78V

Nutone 78V

Nutone Fan Speed Control, 1.5A Four Speed Wall Control for Ceiling Fans - Ivory

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How to Select

How to select a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is the most convenient and cost-efficient way to ventilate a room or other area of the house during summer. This article will help you select the perfect ceiling fan to suit your needs. It will also tell you about the types and characteristics of such fans and what they mean.

The first thing to do before you order a fan is to decide where you want to install it. Since every location is different in providing access to all of the necessary wires and mounting accessories, you will have to pay closer attention to this step. Small rooms usually require a single device that is installed in the middle of the ceiling. Larger rooms and areas may require some additional devices in order to provide proper cooling for the entire area.

The ceiling’s height is other important factor to consider. The lower the height the more advanced installation you will need. For example, if the ceiling’s height is lower than 8 feet, you will need to install your fan without the down rod. Moreover, remember that each fan that you install should have direct access to the electricity line. Not only that, it should not overload the line and cause problems of any kind. If a room does not provide a circuit for the fan, you should consider running a new circuit from the home’s main panel. In addition to that, to ensure that your electricity line will be able to handle the fan you wish to purchase, pay attention to the specifications of such device. Be sure to order a fan that will not overload the electric circuit in your home.

The price should not be a decisive factor in your decision to purchase a particular fan; however, people often select cheaper devices to save money. Bear in mind that cheaper fan will not necessarily help you save money and may even become a reason of excessive spending in the future. So should aim for a fan that does not have the lowest price but offers efficient operation. Such devices are equipped with a more powerful and reliable motor and will ensure the room is properly cooled.

Here are some additional tips that will help you select a perfect ceiling fan for the area of your choice.

  • If you live in a hot climate and need your fan to operate nonstop, make sure you select a device with the Energy Star label, since it will provide 20% more efficient operation.
  • Remember that ceiling fans do not remove humidity, to get rid of it you will need to look for a dehumidifier or a fan with additional features.
  • Do not install your fan precisely under a lighting fixture, since the blades will create unnecessary shadow in the entire room.