Outdoor Chandeliers

Westside Wholesale presents the outdoor chandeliers that help to enhance the outdoor space and make the yard nice. Even the exterior of your house should be beautiful. The look will be superb with our hanging chandeliers. Make your porch a favorite gathering spot where the whole family can have a good time together. This is the place where the design of your house begins. For this reason, one should be more attentive to its decor.

We included the best outdoor chandeliers from Kichler to our gallery of products. All of them feature excellent finish and unmatched quality. The exterior becomes the extension of your house with beautiful outdoor light. This light makes the exterior sophisticated. Actually, the outdoor chandelier changes the look completely. Porch looks empty without this finishing touch. Create homely coziness in the open air with Kichler light fixture.

We present the models of rustic or contemporary style that can considerably enhance the house and add chic to the outdoor living space. Kichler 49811OZ and Kichler 49637OZ are 3 light fixtures that deliver good lighting for the porch or veranda. The light is soft thanks to the etched glass shades that nicely contrast the bronze. The chandeliers will look nice over the table. One can choose 4-light chandeliers for bright illumination or different design of exterior. 49637OZ model looks casual and stylish.

Arranging a nicely furnished porch with lighting homeowners can expand the interior of the house. Kichler chandeliers complete the look of the porch and make it luxurious with old bronze finish. Their casual style makes everyone more relaxed and peaceful.

The chandelier consumes only 35W of power. It lets the homeowners economize on power bills. This is one more reason to enhance your yard with fashionable chandeliers. The models comply with UL requirements. People can use them outdoors without fear that weather changes can affect them.

Bring style to your house with cozy light fixture that provides soft light and gives warmth for all members of the family and your friends. Westside Wholesale is always ready to help with a purchase.

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How to Select

How to select Outdoor Chandeliers

Installing proper lighting fixtures outside the house is just as important as creating the perfect lighting atmosphere inside. Outdoor chandeliers are the best fixtures when it comes to combining decorative and illuminating features in one device. The guide that Westside Wholesale has prepared for you below will help you pay attention to the most important details so that you can select the best options for your house.

Before you start looking for outdoor chandeliers specify their main purpose. You may need a lighting fixture to illuminate the back yard and threshold or a decorative device that will create great lighting ambiance for your house. Knowing the purpose of an outdoor chandelier right away will help you make the right decision.

The next factors that require your attention are the style and finish of such lighting fixture. Since chandeliers are usually visible from afar, especially during dark times of the day, you do want them to match with the overall décor of the building. The best outdoor chandelier would be the one that has the same style as the building or at least doesn’t steal the viewer’s attention.

The type of light bulb that the chandelier uses is, perhaps, one of the most important details to consider. Calculating the operating cost of the chandelier with each available light bulb option will help you know what to expect from such fixture in the future. Since everyone is looking for more efficient and eco-friendly lighting options, consider buying LED or CFL light bulbs.

Performance of an outdoor chandelier is the factor to consider as well. The larger is the area that requires illumination and the brighter is the light that you want the fixture to provide, the more powerful it should be. This factor is, of course, closely related to the efficiency of a light bulb.

After all of these factors are taken into account, it is important to ensure that the outdoor chandeliers that you have selected comply with the installation requirements of your building. In addition, be sure that the fixtures come with the necessary mounting equipment and instructions.

What are the benefits of installing outdoor chandeliers? The best benefits that such lighting fixtures have to offer include easy installation, great lighting options and efficient operation. Not only will you illuminate the space, you will also receive a decorative fixture that will add style and sophistication to the outdoor area of your house.

How often will I need to replace the light bulbs from such fixture? It all depends on the light bulb type that you select. An LED bulb will last for almost 10 years while fluorescent and incandescent bulbs will require replacement once a year.