Lumark Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Lumark outdoor lighting products offered by Westside Wholesale are known for their high quality, attractive prices and thoughtful design. The combination of these features allow Lumark lighting products to successfully compete on the market meeting the highest demands on the quality of lighting, extended service life and high operation safety. Westside Wholesale’s mission is to make good products available to everyone.

For your convenience, Westside Wholesale offers Lumark outdoor lighting products in three main categories: outdoor wall lights, outdoor flood lights, and outdoor lighting accessories. There is also an option to choose between white and bronze colors available. The type of bulb used in fixtures ranges from incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED to HID (metal halide, high pressure sodium, compact fluorescent). The voltage range is from 120V to 277V. Multi-voltage device are also available. The wattage range is wide: from 10W, 20W, 50W, 70W, etc. to 250W and 400W (maximum) for more illumination strength. The above features and great prices of the Lumark outdoor lighting products offered for sale by Westside Wholesale make it easy to choose the best option for a certain purpose at a reasonable price.

Westside Wholesale has worked hard to bring the customer high quality products at best prices, constantly expanding its product range. Lumark outdoor lighting products are designed to meet stringent requirements for the safe use and provide easy maintenance. The product line features, such as its clever design and outstanding technical features, make the fixtures ideal for the use in residential and commercial outdoor settings for both facade and canopy illumination. The design of fixtures includes an optical compartment to protect from contaminants. The elegant and rugged housing is designed to protect from rain and dust so there is no need to worry about the fixture’s condition when the weather is bad.



Lumark Outdoor Light, Crosstour LED Flood Light Mounting Kit, Trunnion Mount

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How to Select

How to select Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures can become a real nightmare if you don’t have the necessary mounting accessories and equipment. The following guide will teach you how to select the best accessories to fit your needs. The most commonly used lighting accessories that help with outdoor lights’ installation are wireless controllers, adaptors, lens fixtures in addition to chains and poles.

In order to select the perfect controller for your outdoor lights you should specify the features that it should offer. For example, you might want to have the option of simply switching the lights on/off without the necessity to leave the house. You may also need to dim the outdoor lights in order to create a romantic or festive ambiance. Depending on the purpose of a controller, a device should be selected. In addition to selecting the operation modes, it is important to ensure that the controller meets the installation requirements and is compatible with your outdoor lights.

Various lighting adaptors may come in handy when you need to install new fixtures with old sockets. Before you select an item like that, compare its size with the fixture’s specifications and ensure that they match.

If you are planning to install hanging outdoor lights, you will definitely need some poles and chains. Remember that the higher the location is where your lamps will be installed, the longer the mounting chain or pole should be. The space between the lighting fixture and the object below it should be at least 30-inches.

Why do I need more than one outdoor light?

Outdoor lighting fixtures are installed for your own safety. Many people get serious injuries because there is not enough light to illuminate the area outside their homes. There’s no need to install multiple lights outside your house if a single fixture can illuminate the porch, front and garage doors. However, such lamps are very powerful and spend more energy than three smaller lighting fixtures would. Calculating the operating cost of each lighting fixture will help you know the amount of money you will spend on their maintenance.

Where do I install outdoor lighting fixtures?

Front, back and garage doors, as well as walkways and doorsteps are the locations that should be illuminated for your own safety. There are countless options that you can select from, starting with flood lights and ending with hanging RLM fixtures. Other that that, you can install outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight the certain parts of the house and landscape or to create a lighting ambiance of your dreams.