Focus Industries Outdoor Lighting

Westside Wholesale mission is to bring the best selection of high quality outdoor lighting devices to individuals and businesses at the most attractive prices possible. Westside Wholesale offers a product line of fixtures for exterior illumination manufactured under the Focus brand. The product line items are designed in accordance with current lamp technology to catch up with the customer growing demands on the quality, design, the ease of use and reliability of lighting equipment available on the market. Good prices for Focus outdoor lighting devices offered by Westside Wholesale make the choice of necessary products easy.

Westside Wholesale provides comfortable and easy search for products distributed on categories according to the bulb type used in the fixture. There are two categories available: standard incandescent and compact fluorescent. There is an option to choose between 12V and 120V devices. The fixtures can be offered in three colors: black, verde, and bronze. For your convenience, some fixtures in the product line have an integrated photocell to enable the energy saving option.

Focus Inc., working in the lighting industry since 1989, has accumulated great experience in high quality lighting equipment manufacturing and become one of the most famous brands. The combination of such characteristics as extended life service, high reliability and modern design of products made it possible to use Focus outdoor lighting devices for both illuminating and decorating.

Choose the color you like, decide on additional features and get your lighting perfection. Regardless the exterior, Focus fixtures offered by Westside Wholesale can easily blend in with the exterior of your house or facility. Protective housing used in the fixtures protects against mechanical damages and allows you to forget about bad weather conditions. A photocell embedded in some fixtures will reduce the power consumption by turning the unit on when it is getting dark and off when the daylight comes.

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Focus Industries DL-15-HBRT

Focus Industries DL-15-HBRT

Focus Industries Outdoor Light, Adjustable Mini Flood Light w/High-Impact Clear Lens, 35W, 12V - Bronze Texture

Our Price: $120.15

Focus Industries DL-04-BRT

Focus Industries DL-04-BRT

Focus Industries Outdoor Light, 3.5" Aluminum Directional Flood Light w/High-Impact Clear Lens, 18W, 12V - Bronze Texture

Our Price: $87.94
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How to Select

How to select Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures, with their various types and specifications, are designed to create perfect illumination for your home and outdoor landscaping. The guidelines listed below will help you select the most suitable options for your home.

To start the process of selecting an outdoor lighting fixture properly you need to specify the purpose and location of such device. There are tons of options available today, starting with hanging lamps or wall packs and ending with traditional post mount lights, each offering different features. Develop a plan where you will specify the location of each light and then select its type depending on that particular location. This will help you save time and money once you start shopping.

The types of outdoor lighting can be divided into following categories: security, safety, task and decoration.

Security outdoor lighting usually consists of few lights that are directed towards certain areas of the house or property. Such lighting helps illuminate the areas that are not protected or represent an interest to intruders and uninvited people.

Safety outdoor lighting is different from the first type despite the fact that safety is related to security. Safety lighting is designed to provide safe passages to the house and through the property, especially when it has a large area. Such objects as pools, steps, bridges, water locations and simply tripping places should be illuminated during the night.

Task lighting fixtures provide proper illumination for outdoor locations where people gather often. Task lamps are used for patios, decks, sport courts, stairs, gazebos and other areas. If you want to be able to adjust the light beam or the fixture itself, task lamps are the best fixtures to provide you with such possibility.

Design lighting is all about beauty and style. This type of lighting knows no limitations and depends on your imagination only.

When you have specified the type and location of your future outdoor lighting, you need to calculate the operation cost of all the fixtures and set the budget accordingly. This may be a bit complicated step to complete, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to spend less energy and money for the outdoor illumination. Calculate the wattage of each fixture and replace the conventional light bulbs with LED ones where possible. In addition to that, equip your system with automatic timers that will ensure the proper operation of all of the outdoor fixtures.