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Westside Wholesale offers high quality outdoor Forecast Lighting products manufactured by Phillips world-class manufacturer and available at attractive prices. The company has been working in the decorative lighting industry for over many years and focuses on manufacturing lighting lines that meet the needs of homeowners and businesses. The Forecast outdoor lighting products available on Westside Wholesale make a complete selection of devices with outstanding specifications and thoughtful design. Thus, they can be used for both lighting and decoration purposes.

Westside Wholesale has made the customer search for necessary devices easier offering them in different colors: bronze, graphite, silver, white and black. In addition, it is possible to choose between the two types of bulbs that used in the fixtures: standard Incandescent and fluorescent. In addition, the fixtures are categorized in accordance with the wattage supported: 51W-150W, 1W-50W and 151W-300W. The voltage supported ranges from 120V to 277V.

Due to their universal design, the forecast outdoor lighting product line items are designed to bring a special appeal to the exterior of any home or industrial building. The fixtures available on Westside Wholesale are made of high-grade materials to guarantee their long service life, reliability and high level of safety. Thus, there is no need to worry about bad weather conditions, since all outdoor fixtures have high quality protective housing to protect against mechanical damages, duct and moisture. In addition, the fixtures are manufactured in accordance with energy efficiency standards to be cost effective to operate.

Choose the color you like, consider technical specifications available and get a fixture that suits your needs and expectations. Uncompromising quality and affordable prices of forecast outdoor lighting equipment manufactured under the Philips brand and offered for sale by Westside Wholesale guarantee the customer satisfaction in any situation.

Forecast Lighting F9039565

Forecast Lighting F9039565

Forecast Lighting Outdoor Light, Oceanview 1 Light Fixture - Silver Rust

Our Price: $48.00

How to Select

How to select Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures, with their various types and specifications, are designed to create perfect illumination for your home and outdoor landscaping. The guidelines listed below will help you select the most suitable options for your home.

To start the process of selecting an outdoor lighting fixture properly you need to specify the purpose and location of such device. There are tons of options available today, starting with hanging lamps or wall packs and ending with traditional post mount lights, each offering different features. Develop a plan where you will specify the location of each light and then select its type depending on that particular location. This will help you save time and money once you start shopping.

The types of outdoor lighting can be divided into following categories: security, safety, task and decoration.

Security outdoor lighting usually consists of few lights that are directed towards certain areas of the house or property. Such lighting helps illuminate the areas that are not protected or represent an interest to intruders and uninvited people.

Safety outdoor lighting is different from the first type despite the fact that safety is related to security. Safety lighting is designed to provide safe passages to the house and through the property, especially when it has a large area. Such objects as pools, steps, bridges, water locations and simply tripping places should be illuminated during the night.

Task lighting fixtures provide proper illumination for outdoor locations where people gather often. Task lamps are used for patios, decks, sport courts, stairs, gazebos and other areas. If you want to be able to adjust the light beam or the fixture itself, task lamps are the best fixtures to provide you with such possibility.

Design lighting is all about beauty and style. This type of lighting knows no limitations and depends on your imagination only.

When you have specified the type and location of your future outdoor lighting, you need to calculate the operation cost of all the fixtures and set the budget accordingly. This may be a bit complicated step to complete, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to spend less energy and money for the outdoor illumination. Calculate the wattage of each fixture and replace the conventional light bulbs with LED ones where possible. In addition to that, equip your system with automatic timers that will ensure the proper operation of all of the outdoor fixtures.