Outdoor Post Lanterns

WestsideWholesale presents a good selection of outdoor post lanterns. Living in the country people need reliable sources of illumination to light up the surroundings. WestsideWholesale offers the products of this type that perform many functions. One of the basic functions is safety.

Outdoor post lanterns give a feeling of security to the house owners. Sense of measure is important here. Lights should not disturb the neighbors. Stylish post lanterns from Kichler are not bright. These lamps do not interfere with neighbors’ sleep at night. Frosted glass of post lanterns helps to avoid glare from dazzling illumination.

The problem often arises when light is unshielded. It is hard to control the brightness in this case. Using Kichler post lanterns with one light bulb the customers can avoid light pollution. However, one can apply for post lanterns with 2, 3, 4 light fixtures in case the person needs to illuminate big area. There are Kichler post lanterns of any kind in a big gallery of products in WestsideWholesale.

The house acquires a touch of class thanks to artful finish of the post lantern. Much depends upon the material. It can be aged bronze (Kichler 9529AGZ), distressed copper (Kichler 9920DCO), brushed nickel (Kichler 49063NI), textured granite (Kichler 9967GNT), rubbed bronze (Kichler 9533RZ), stainless steel (Kichler 49162SS), polished brass (Kichler 9913APB), brown stone (Kichler 9510BST), iron (Kichler 49080Ol), old brick (Kichler 9595OB), aluminum (Kichler 9506BA) and many others.

Choose the color to suit the style of your place: black with gold (classic Kichler 49133BKG), white (Kichler 49953WH), black, brown and etc.

In this way one can enhance the exterior of any house. There can be rustic, classic or modern design. Some of the outdoor post lanterns are decorated with impressive craftsmanship (Kichler 9514LZ, 9558LD, 9559LD).

The characteristic feature of the brand is unmatched quality of the product. All post lanterns comply with UL requirements and have CULW marking.

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How to Select

How to select Outdoor Post Lanterns

Post lanterns are fixtures that can provide your outdoor locations with light, while adding style to the overall appearance of the house. Westside Wholesale has prepared the guide below that will help you select the perfect outdoor post lantern for your needs.

Before you select any type of lighting fixture for your house, it is important that you specify their purpose in addition to the location where they will be installed. Outdoor post lanterns are not an exception. Such fixtures are usually installed near gates or thresholds, but you can always use them to illuminate other locations of your choice.

The first factor you should consider when it comes to an outdoor post lantern is its style and design. Because such fixtures are seen from afar and oftentimes become the centerpiece of outdoor lighting, you need to ensure that their style matches the style of the house. If you can’t find the post lantern with a matching design, look for options with a traditional or classical style because they can often fit nicely with every décor. The size of the outdoor lantern is another detail to consider. If you install such fixtures throughout the footpaths near your house, they don’t need to be higher than 3-4 feet. If the main purpose of an outdoor post lantern is to illuminate the doorstep, it can be twice as high.

The material from which the outdoor post lanterns are made is also a very important detail to consider. Since such fixtures are installed outdoors, they are exposed to often weather and temperature changes. Select the fixtures with tamper-resistant design which will ensure their reliable and long-lasting performance.

The operating cost and power usage are the next details to pay attention to when looking for outdoor post lanterns. Because such fixtures will operate during dark times of the day, they need to be equipped with efficient light bulbs, otherwise you will spend awful amount of money on energy bills. The most common types of light bulbs that are offered today include: halogen, incandescent, LED and CFL.

Halogen light bulbs have a life expectancy of about 1000 hours, are affordable and can be installed in almost every lighting fixture that exists today.

Incandescent bulbs offer the same features but are less efficient. CFL bulbs are 10 times more efficient, have a slightly higher price and are compatible mostly with contemporary lighting fixtures. LED bulbs have a life expectancy of around 20000 hours, which is 20 times more than halogen and incandescent lights have to offer. In addition to that, they spend 4 times less energy during operation.