Ark Lighting Outdoor Wall Lights

Westside Wholesale offers its customers a wide range of high quality outdoor lighting devices manufactured by the industry’s leading developer Ark Lighting. The product line fixtures available at Westside Wholesale have been designed considering the most current trends in the lighting industry. Ark Lighting’s industrial line brings a wide selection of fixtures designed to become a perfect solution for industrial buildings’ area lighting. The industrial line includes items made of high-strength steel for more safety and longer service life.

In addition to the industrial line fixtures, Westside Wholesale offers lighting devices that can be used by residence owners as well. Such fixtures have elegant design, high level of safety and excellent quality to satisfy the needs of any homeowner who would like to bring some special appeal to the exterior of their house.

Westside Wholesale does its best to make the search for necessary items easy and comfortable. To narrow your search, it categorized available outdoor lighting fixtures according to their color: white, black and stainless steel. The voltage supported is 120V. The bulb type is standard incandescent. Ark Lighting outdoor fixtures offered for sale by Westside Wholesale are pre-wired to ensure quick installation. Reflectors used in the fixtures are ETL approved for the use in high humidity areas (with appropriate lamp only).

Ark Lighting outdoor fixtures give their user outstanding technical characteristics with the design simplicity at the most attractive prices. Thus, it makes the fixtures ideal for lighting around the building perimeter, walkways and parking areas.

All outdoor lighting fixtures manufactured by Ark Lighting and offered for sale by Westside Wholesale are protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damages. There is no need to worry about your outdoor fixtures safety when a strong wind blows or heavy rain powers since the steel construction of the fixtures is ready to stand such bad weather conditions.

Ark Lighting AW-1003

Ark Lighting AW-1003

Ark Lighting Outdoor Light, 60W Wall-Mount Outdoor Sconce Light Fixture - Stainless Steel

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How to Select

How to select Outdoor Wall Lights

There’s no doubt about it, outdoor lights are what gives visitors and passerby’s a first impression of your house from the street. Needless to say, equipping your home or office with proper illumination also plays a very important role when it comes to your comfort level. The following guide will help you learn about the most valuable factors so that you can select the perfect outdoor wall lights for your needs.

The first factor that you should consider is the size of the wall light. If you are replacing your old fixtures, new lights don’t necessary have to have the same size or hold the same power capacity. Calculate the amount of light that the area requires and then look for wall lights that will match the requirements. If you have a hard time deciding what lamp to select, always go with the larger one. In addition to that, remember that the front door is the most important door of any building, which means it should have the largest, fanciest wall light fixture.

The next factors to consider when selecting wall lights are color and style. Remember to choose a fixture that will complement the style of the building. Outdoor wall lights are usually made from bronze, stainless steel, satin nickel and similar materials that look great with both traditional and contemporary constructions. In addition to style, pay attention to the durability of the fixture and its resistance to weather changes.

The installation location and mounting height are other details to consider. All of the outdoor wall lights that you select should be installed above eye level. This will ensure that you can see the light from a distance and it won’t come directly in the eyes of people approaching the building.

How much wattage should outdoor lights consume? Most decorative outdoor wall lights should not use more than 60 watts for incandescent fixtures and 20-30 watt for CFL ones. Before you select any wall lights, calculate their operating cost and look for the most efficient options.

Where to install outdoor wall lights? Usually, locations that have doors or tracks around the house require illumination during the darker time of the day. Garage doors, for instance, should have a proper light to help you find your way in the dark. If your budget is limited and you can’t spend much money on decorative lights for the entire building, equipping the doors with energy-efficient wall lights should be enough.

What is the best wall light type to install outdoors? The best wall light to install both indoors and out is the one that uses less energy while providing you with great lighting options. Today, LED is the technology that saves your money and at the same time has minimum impact on the environment.