Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine Inline Exhaust Fan, 240 CFM for 6" Duct

Brand: Panasonic
Model: FV-20NLF1
Condition: New
Warranty: 3 Years
SKU: 470502
4.65 (1 Review)

Panasonic FV-20NLF1 Whisperline Inline Fan

  • Panasonic FV-20NLF1 Whisperline Inline Fan
  • Panasonic FV-20NLF1 Dimensions
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The Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine Inline Ventilation Fan 240 CFM for a 6" duct makes airflow simple by eliminating the need for multiple inline exhaust fans over several locations. Designed for multi-ventilation, you can ventilate multiple areas or rooms with this Panasonic inline fan. Nowadays, homes are built to be more airtight and enclosed leading to more demanding ventilation requirements for homeowners who want fresh airflow. As a result, polutants are harder to get rid of. With this easily installed, the Panasonic FV-20NLF1 inline fan brings constant airflow to several different areas; solving your problem for good.

Two suction blower wheels make the Panasonic FV-20NLF1 240 CFM WhisperLine Inline Ventilation Fan almost noiseless as it works. By utilizing a larger, wider fan blade to move air, this high-end duct fan can move 240 cubic feet of air per minute without the constant buzz that smaller blade fans usually create.

The Panasonic FV-20NLF1 240 CFM WhisperLine Inline Ventilation Fan for a 6" Duct also allows for adjustable airflow over several different inlets, allowing you to be in total control over the ventilation to all of your sources. ENERGY STAR® Qualified and whisper quiet, you'll wonder why you didn't have this all along.

  • Ajustable Airflow For Multi-Inlets
  • Easy Installation, Five Different Positions
  • Heavy Gauge, Painted Galvanized Steel
  • Energy StarĀ® Qualified
  • Joist/Truss Brackets Included
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Ventilate Multiple Rooms with 1 Fans
  • 5 Positions for Installation: Yes
  • Adjustable Airflow for Multi-Inlet Balance: Yes
  • 240 (CFM):
  • Current (Amps): 0.46
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 3/8" x 11" x 9 7/16"

  • Duct Diameter (inches): 6"
  • Galvanized Steel for Long Life: Yes
  • Grille: Low profile family design
  • Insulated Housing: Yes, to prevent condensation and noise
  • Joint or Truss Attachment Brackets Included: Yes
  • Noise (sones): 1.4
  • Power Consumption (Watts): 57
  • Energy Efficiency (CFM's/Watt): 4.2
  • Speed (RPM): 1260
  • Super Quiet Operation: Yes
  • Suspension Brackets Included: Yes
  • Tapered Duct Adaptor for easy connection: Yes
  • Thermal Fuse Protection: Yes
  • Totally Enclosed Condenser Motor: Yes, for long life
  • Rated for continuous run
  • Room Recommendations: Up to 240 Sq Ft
3 years limited warranty Panasonic
Customer Reviews

Excellent value and performance

Same quality and performance as the other FV series Whisperline fans. For the price you can buy these fans at Westside I would not recommend any other inline fan. Like the FV-30 I have used, it may not appear as quiet as other fans, but it will have much higher air flow.


on 10-20-2014 by Ben

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Questions & Answers

I want to install a new QUIET fan in our (relatively small 44 SQ FT) master bathroom in a 60yr old home. B/R has a tub/shower. Above the bathroom is an opened attic with insulation on the floor. I currently have an old, noisy, useless ceiling fan installed that has 4" flex (not-insulated) ductwork running from the fan unit to the side wall of the house..I am looking to installing an inline fan. They seem to be the quietest around. I am looking at the PANASONIC unit which is rated at 120CFM which I know SHOULD be plenty. I was also considering this larger 240CFM unit.I know it would SEEM that the 120 would be plenty big and the 240 would be way too big which leads to my question.Is there any problem with using a too large unit (other than it costs more and uses more power)? Will it be too strong so as to not work properly like getting a central A/C unit that is too big?Part of the reason I am considering the larger (240cfm) unit is because I will be using 4" or 6" insulated flexible duct (depending on which size unit I choose). The run isn't too long (maybe 25 feet total) but there are a number of unavoidable twists and turns to get to the inline fan from the bathroom ceiling and from the inline fan to the outside wall. There is at least 1 unavoidable close to 180 degree turn and 2 x 90 degree turns. From everything I have been reading the flex duct itself and the turns greatly increase the static pressure and reduce the efficiency of the fan requiring a more powerful fan.With this situation should I go with the 120CFM or the 240CFM. Cost and power use not withstanding and taking into consideration I have no other option in mounting location of the fan unit so the direction of the ducting can't be changed.Thank you!

by Ed Feins from NJ on 10-22-2012

For this application, you could loose anywhere from 10-30% efficiency (if not more) from the fan as a result of your ducting situation. The 240 CFM would be needed to adequately vent the bathroom to your specifications. However, the noise level will be slightly increased due to the amount of air being moved, and the friction in the duct.

on 10-23-2012
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