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How to Select

How to select patio heaters

To make your patio a more enjoyable place during cold winter and autumn days, you may consider equipping it with a patio heater. Such a device will help you enjoy your morning coffee on a porch or invite your friends for an autumn barbeque party. No matter what you do outside the house, a patio heater will help you stay warm and comfortable.

To guide you through the process of selecting a patio heater and to help you purchase the perfect device to satisfy your needs, we will answer some of the most frequent questions people ask when looking for such device. The first thing to consider in a patio heater is its size. This depends on the area that requires heating, the bigger your patio is, the more powerful the heater that you need to buy.

The devices that exist today can be divided into the following categories:

Small table heaters, wall mounted devices and standalone heaters. If you are looking for a device that can be moved from place to place, a portable heater is the perfect option for you. Wall mounted heaters will suit people who spend a lot of their time at home and do not really need to heat other rooms of the house. Standalone fixtures provide much more heat and may also become a perfect addition to your patio’s decor.

Another important aspect of patio heaters is their heating element. Two main categories of such devices are offered at today’s market: electric and propane heaters.

An Electric patio heater is the safest option since it poses no risk of propane poisoning. However, it only heats the nearest area so you will have to sit next to it to feel the warmth.

A propane patio heater provides larger area with warmth and is perfect to be used in bigger patios.

When you know what type of heater you want, make sure it is equipped with an electric starter. Not only is such heating option safer, it also is more convenient since you will not have to mess with fire when starting the heater.

Since all kinds of accidents may happen when you are outside, it is advised to look for a model that comes equipped with an emergency shut off feature. That way, you will rest assured that a coffee or tea spilled around or even on the heater will not affect its operation and will not lead to dangerous consequences.

Now, when you know what main features to look for in a patio heater, you can move to the next step, which is selecting the design and color option of your new heating device. You may not be aware of it, but patio heaters, in addition to providing heat, become a great decorative element of the area where they are installed.