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How to Select

How to select Pedestal Fans

When looking for a fan to cool your home—and not having enough wall or ceiling space to install such device—pedestal fans become the best solution. Their unique construction, portability and great efficiency allow you to provide both outdoor and indoor locations with a comfortable cool feel. The problem is that selecting a perfect pedestal fan is way more difficult than it may seem. This guide will help you pay attention to the options that your future fan should be equipped with.

Let’s start from the beginning. Since the main purpose of a pedestal fan or any cooling device, for that matter, is to provide the room with cool air, efficiency and capacity are the key factors to pay attention to. You have to calculate the area of a room that requires cooling and then select the device with a corresponding power. Remember that a more powerful fan installed in a small room will not necessarily make it cooler faster but will sure spend more energy and money while operating.

Size and portability should also be taken into account. Pedestal fans are supposed to be portable. This feature allows using them to cool various rooms of the house or even outdoor locations. If you are planning to carry your future pedestal fan around often, you might consider buying a light device. In addition to that, ensure it will have easy access to electricity line.

Rotation of a pedestal fan is sometimes the decisive factor that makes people purchase such devices. With several speeds of operation and a rotation feature any pedestal fan can help you and your family members survive hot summer days. Moreover, a fan spends less energy while operating and is more efficient than any air-conditioner, which is also the reason why it becomes a perfect cooling option for people with limited budget.

When you have specified the capacity of your future pedestal fan, you might want to think about its additional features that will make your life easier. For example, a remote control panel allows you to set the right speed and rotation mode from a distant location, which is really helpful for people who can’t walk or simply do not feel like walking over and switching the speeds manually. Easy maintenance and installation are also something to pay attention to, since such features will help you save time and energy when performing periodical cleaning of the fan.

Design of a pedestal fan may not be the key factor when selecting such device but is definitely a feature that won’t do you any harm. An unusual design of such device can become a stylish addition to the existent décor of the room.