Plumbing Connectors

Make us your one-stop-shop for dishwasher, faucet, ice maker, toilet, water heater and washing machine connectors from Fluidmaster.

Models offered for dishwasher connectors include the Fluidmaster 60" and 48" Fits-All No-Burst Dishwasher Connector - Stainless Steel in a variety of other sizes.

Faucet connectors available include the Fluidmaster 12", 16", 20", 30", and 36" No-Burst Faucet Connector, 3/8"Comp Thread x 1/2"Strt.Thread models.

Ice maker connectors for sale are the Fluidmaster 72" and 120" No-Burst Ice Maker Connectors.

Our selection of toilet connectors includes the Fluidmaster 9", 12", 16", and 20" Fits-All No-Burst Toilet Connector Strt.Thread x 7/8" ballcock Thread models.

Water heater connector models include the Fluidmaster 12", 18", and 24" No-Burst Water Heater Connector for 3/4" x 3/4" Iron Pipe also with models that feature Comp Coupling.

Our washing machine connectors for sale are the Fluidmaster 48", 60", 72" No-Burst Washing Machine Connector 3/4"Hose x 3/4"Hose models. The 60" model also comes in a two pack.

Westside Wholesale features an outstanding range of Fluidmaster No-Burst connectors, couplers, attachments, links, junctions, and adapters for all of your appliances and faucets.
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How to Select

How to Shop for Plumbing Connectors

Standard Plumbing Connectors are used for specific functions, compression tube fittings are used to connect sections of straight or bent tubing, which regulate water-flow through the valves. Valves can also be measured as connectors but generally it falls in a different category. Plumbing connectors are made of plastic material or metal base. However, movable pipe connectors are generally available in brass. When pipe connectors are required in connecting any kind of appliances, flexible pipe connectors are considered the most beneficial.

Westside Wholesale offers a large collection of pipe fittings, plumbing connectors and plumbing-support materials. The company is serves thousands of customers for many years, and it has been providing top quality plumbing products, plumbing connectors and offering dedicated customer services to all customers.

The following factors should be considered before buying:

  • Quality. When people invest in flexible plumbing or pipe connectors, it is important to look for few qualities such as different materials like plastic, metals etc., and also look for pipe connector size and diameters, because the connectors vary in diameters and sizes. The important quality to look for is its resistant feature, complete leak-proof pipe connector. Also, look for the ASTM code.
  • Flexibility. Depending on angles, size and other provision of pipe connectors or couplings are available in numerous varieties. For example, the axial resistant pipe connectors are used to prevent movements by using a range of pipe couplings. Sometimes it is used to connect two pipes of various sizes. At, Westside Wholesale the customer service department can guide and advise the customer in selecting the right pipe connector for their appliances.
  • Plumbing Connectors for Electrical Appliances. When purchasing washing machine plumbing or pipe connector, one has to look for proper material, flexibility, toughness, NSF approved chloramines and polymer-core resists and diameter, etc. Similarly when purchasing plumbing connectors for dishwasher, water heaters and faucet connection similar kind of factors should be considered for durability and long lasting code requirements.

When purchasing plumbing connector and other products at a reputable company like Westside Wholesale, then cost is not a factor. Westside Wholesale offers a 10% discount on bulk orders and all products are available in affordable price. Westside Wholesale carries all kinds of Plumbing Connectors including Fluidmaster thread model faucet connectors, toilet connectors, Fluidmaster water heater connectors with coupling models, Washing machine connectors and many more. Now, shopping for plumbing products at Westside Wholesale is easy and convenient as they are providing fast shipping facilities and manufacturer’s warranty on every product.