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How to Select

How to shop for kitchen faucets

Westside Wholesale makes the task of shopping for faucets a simple and easy experience. Normally the kitchen is a significant investment and because of this, it is not a space that can be updated as frequently as one might like. However, changing the faucets in your kitchen isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing all storage space or the actual utilities in the room. A new faucet setup can rejuvenate your kitchen space, making it feel more modern and up to date.

Westside Wholesale provides economic solutions that are quite within the budget of most people are available at your local showroom and when Internet shopping great bargains are to be had. Like any purchase if ample time and thought is given to the task choosing the right faucet will be a happy decision.

These are some factors that should be given consideration when selecting a kitchen faucet:

  • Spout Style. Several styles of spout are available. Pull out spouts can be swiveled to provide additional clearance in the washing bowl. Gooseneck spouts are the most common type of spout and resemble an inverted “J”. Gooseneck spouts are also available in an extended version normally referred to as a long loop.
  • Material. Modern looking faucets are often finished will high shine chrome. This gives a clean, minimal and modern look. The material is easy to clean and retains its attractive finish if looked after in an appropriate manner. Stainless steel is another popular material that can achieve a high shine finish and is often an economical alternative to chrome.
  • Kitchen Type. Westside Wholesale stock kitchen faucets that are suitable for either the home or commercial kitchen. Commercial faucets are designed to withstand the rigorous and tough environments that demand frequent use. Able to spray clean and to fill bowls the commercial faucet does not have to substitute durability for aesthetics. The home kitchen faucet offers an elegant solution that remains a functional item.
  • Quality. All Westside Wholesale products come from manufacturers who have shown their commitment to high levels of quality. Faucets from well-known names such as Delta, Moen, Vigo, Kraus and Chicago are all stocked kitchen faucets.

Kitchen faucets can complement the overall design and look of your kitchen. Enhancing both the visual appeal and also the ergonomic operation of the space, a kitchen faucet is an integral component of any kitchen. Our experts at Westside Wholesale are available online, over the phone or in store to answer your kitchen faucet questions and help you select the best product.