Nature 2 Pool Filters

Sooner or later every swimming pool owner or a professional pool operator faces the problem of pool water purification. Today, there exist numerous solutions for water cleaning. Westside Wholesale offers a range of Nature2 replacement cartridges manufactured by Zodiac that will solve your problem. You can be sure that your pool water is kept in optimal balance. The cartridges meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. Made from advanced materials they will work reliably for a long period of time. Pool maintenance will become simple and easy. The advantage of the cartridges is that they significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used. So you can forget about skin irritation and unpleasant chlorine odor which always makes everybody so sick and tired. Nature2 filtration systems meet the accepted standards for bacteria in your swimming pool water.

The Nature2 W26765 Above Ground A Vessel Replacement Cartridge is ideal for pools with a size of 5,000 to 30,000 gallons. The Controlled Release Technology guarantees the mineral content remains at an optimal level and that there is no staining. To keep the water in your swimming pool crystal clear you need to change the cartridge every 6 months, which is a very effective solution.

For Nature2 Mineral Sanitizing System there is Nature 2 M-25 Replacement Cartridge for up to 25,000 gallon pools. The Nature2 G45 Replacement Cartridge will perfectly fit into any Nature2 Pro Series filter to treat up to 45,000 gallons of water. The two above mentioned cartridges are to be replaced every five months.

The Nature2 replacement cartridges are designed to fit into standard vessels for installation.

Westside Wholesale will make your water clear and bright at the lowest prices and with absolutely no shipping cost. We promise that you will enjoy the quality of your water.

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Nature 2 W26745

Nature 2 W26745

Nature2 G45 Replacement Cartridge, 45K Gal

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Nature 2 W26765

Nature 2 W26765

Nature2 Above Ground A Vessel Replacement Cartridge, 5-30K Gal

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Nature 2 W26755

Nature 2 W26755

Nature 2 Type M-25 Replacement Cartridge, 25K Gal

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How to shop for Pool filter

Pool filter is an essential device for keeping a pool clean of objects, crystal clear, healthy and at appropriate sanitizing level. It helps not only to remove foreign matter and particles from the pool water but does not allow dangerous bacteria and germs to come in the pool water. These useful devices keep the water from going septic and, therefore, stop swimmers from getting sick. They should be used for both in ground and above ground pools to keep them from algae formation and turning green. This is why it is important to purchase a high-quality filter that will last for long and will keep the pool in optimum condition in every kind of weather and at any season.

There are a variety of pool filters that are available on the market today. They differ by size and depend on the water pool capacity and filtration area. At the same time, all pool filters come in three types: sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

Sand filters are the most popular and the oldest type out of all the three available filter kinds. They are inexpensive, easy to use and understand. This device cleans the pool water that is pulled into the filter from particles and bacteria through the sand. Filters of this kind are considered to be the least effective type as the water that has passed through the filter and flows back into the pool contains a lot of sand. In addition, the pool filter of this kind becomes full with dirt and grime after a time and it needs a pool pump to flush it out from the water.

Cartridge filters clean the pool water by means of the special filtering material. Filters of this kind are considered to be less expensive than their DE counterparts and they are relatively low-maintenance devices. These filters contain removable cartridges that are easy to clean and replace. Filtering materials can be of different quality. Inexpensive filtering material will need to be replaced frequently while high quality and expensive cartridges will operate for many years without needing replacement.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE filters are the most expensive and the highest quality pool filters. They use crushed fossil or natural substances to clean the pool water. These substances are usually thinner than sand and these filters produce the cleanest water possible. At the same time, these filters need frequent replacement that makes this filter type more expensive in maintenance and fiddly to use.

The best modern pool filter will ensure the cleanest pure pool water, eliminate possibility of diseases caused by pool bacteria and reduce power energy consumption. However, any type of the filters needs regular maintenance and keeping it clean and free from dirt, leaves and hair.