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Pool Games and Entertainment


From pool volleyball to pool basketball, you’ll be sure to have hours of entertainment this swimming season with these user-friendly pool activities.

Pool Volleyball – How to Set Up

A pool volleyball kit is easy to set up, and provides a great way to liven up your swimming pool. To install, you will first need to insert the two volleyball posts into the deck anchors on the sides of your pool, which will hold the volleyball net. Be sure to install anchors in the pool deck at a location where the water is shallow so that the game can safely be played. Once the posts are securely anchored, attach the net to the eyebolts of the posts and secure any loose rope to prevent safety hazards. Volleyball nets are available in a variety of different sizes, depending on how large or small your swimming pool is.

Pool Basketball – How to Set Up

Pool basketball kits also provide hours of fun, and they are simple to set up. Like volleyball, your basketball kit will need to be installed in a shallow area of your swimming pool. Once you’ve identified the appropriate area for your anchor sockets, install the two posts into the sockets, which will serve as a base for the backboard. Using the manufacturer’s instructions, assemble the backboard and secure it to the posts, making sure the hardware is properly tightened.

Tips and Tricks

  • When your volleyball and basketball kits are disassembled and not in use, simply remove the posts from the anchor sockets and replace with anchor caps for coverage.
  • Since leather tends to crack when exposed to water, opt for a rubber volleyball. This will also prevent it from soaking up water and becoming too heavy.
  • To ensure safety, regularly inspect the posts and hardware to make sure everything is tightly secured.