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Pool Heaters

About Pool & Spa Heaters

Keep your spas and pools kept warm with Westside Wholesale’s pool & spa heaters. We feature reputable brands that offer great pool and spa heating products. We have heaters that range from 100-400K, with power sources from propane gas, natural gas, and electric.

Be sure to look for great features such as: induced draft heater, above ground, millivolt, induced draft heater, heat pump, low-nox, high performance, digital control, in ground heat pump, gold fin, evaporator coil, electronic temperature control, thermostatic expansion valve.

At Westside Wholesale, you’ll be sure to find all your pool and spa heating needs at great prices.

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How to shop for pool heater

A pool heater is a useful device that keeps the temperature of the pool water at a predetermined warm temperature. It ensures incomparable comfort to the swimmers all year round. Construction of any pool, even the smallest one, at home requires of the owner to make a large investment. Pool heaters are quite expensive devices but their cost can not compare with the cost of the entire pool including all necessary equipment and maintenance charge. At the same time, pool heaters significantly extend the time when the residents can enjoy the water to all seasons and all weather conditions.

There are plenty of swimming pool heaters that are available in the market today. They differ by strength that is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) that mean the amount of time necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of the pool water by one degree Fahrenheit. The strength of the pool heater that will be suitable for the certain pool depends on its size and water volume and should be previously calculated in order to ensure the adequate time of water heater and the proper heater operation. At the same time, there are three types of pool heaters depending on the source of heat: electric, solar and gas heaters.

Electric heaters rely on electricity to operate. A heater of this kind includes a heat pump with a compressor that heats the air and sends it into the pool water. These heaters are cheaper to operate in comparison with their gas counterparts; this is because electricity costs much less than gas fuel. The electric devices heat the water faster than other types of heaters and are more effective than other types because they keep the warmer and consistent water temperature regardless of the weather. But unfortunately, they usually don’t have long durability and operate only by the temperature that is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gas heaters use natural gas or propane to operate. They are less expensive to purchase but they are rather expensive to operate. The heater of this kind will be an ideal solution for the family who use the pool periodically or during vacations. These devices are quick to heat the pool and don’t depend on the weather and outdoor temperature.

Solar heaters are the cheapest in operation and eco-friendly devices because they use only the heat of sun for their operation. However, they can work only by daylight and need bright sunny weather to operate. They depend on the weather significantly; they usually cause only small temperature changes and require a large collector area.

Regardless of what type of electric heater you decide to purchase, it should be an up-to-date high quality device. Even if it is more expensive that standard heaters, they will satisfy the swimmers by providing a fast and effective operation, will work for many years without a need to maintain or replace them and will be less expensive in operation.