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Swimming pool is a place where a lot of people relax and enjoy time together with their family and friends. That is why it is so important to make your pool a comfortable place. Westside Wholesale offers pool lighting that will create the atmosphere of luxury. Pool lighting manufactured by Jandy offers lighting solutions for residential and commercial lighting applications. This company has been a leader in the pool and spa industry for more than 30 years. It has gained its customers’ trust due to the impressive quality of pool equipment. The pool lighting does not require expensive and time-consuming maintenance.

Both experienced pool owners and professionals will appreciate the quality and reliability of the equipment. Pool maintenance will become easy as never before. Everyone will find a suitable option according to their design preferences with Westside Wholesale.

However, pool lighting is not just for decoration. After the installation of pool lighting you will be able to swim at night as it considerably increases the pool visibility.

Jandy WaterColors LED color pool and spa lights present full palette of colors to create absolutely new ambience in your poolside. The lights will reduce your energy expenses by up to 90%. The operation life will increase by up to 50,000 hours, though.

The stainless steel housing prevents corrosion or rust. The lighting comes with cords of different sizes which makes the installation and wiring simple and easy.

JandyColor features digital control to satisfy your pool lighting needs. The digital technology of the swimming pool light allows for transitions through colors. You can either lock onto your favorite color or cycle through a wide array of colors such as: sky blue, cobalt blue, Caribbean blue, spring green, emerald green, red, magenta, garnet red, violet, alpine white or color splash. JandyColor is enclosed in stainless steel to prevent rust, corrosion and water damage.

It is guaranteed, that you will enjoy beautiful lighting from your Jandy for many years to come.

Westside Wholesale offers everything for those who value comfort. You may rely on our store because we are concerned with your everyday convenience. Only at our store you will find the vastest selection of pool lighting options at the lowest prices. In addition to all this, you will discover the best terms for customers, because your purchase with Westside Wholesale will be delivered at no shipping costs!

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Jandy Pool WaterColors 12V LED Light

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How to Select

How to Shop for LED Pool Light

With no lights installed, fun pool activities are usually limited to daylight hours due to visibility and safety concerns. Proper lighting will allow you not only to take a refreshing plunge into the pool at night, but will also transform the appearance of the pool area and make water sparkle with light and color. Nighttime illumination also has a significant safety advantage. Borders of the pool and the water level can be clearly seen and in case of an accident, there all the conditions necessary to go to the rescue of the swimmer.

Pool lighting has come a long way in the last few decades. The days when the only option of a pool owner was to attach a spotlight to the wall closest to the pool causing an unpleasant glare are long gone. Today, night swimmers have a multitude of options, one of the best being the LED pool light. Many strengths of the LED are useful to pool lighting, including lower maintenance levels, longer lifetime, less battery drain, lower power consumption per lumen and more usable lumens per watt.

With LED pool lights, you can achieve either white or colored lighting effects. They use an insignificant amount of electricity but can provide a full array of wonderful colors. By turning the switch, you can set the light to a certain color or make it slowly change from one color to another, getting immersed in the color similar to visitors of ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and Greek healing temples of light and color.

Colored lighting looks especially great if the pool surface is white, because colors produce a striking effect when contrasting with the white color. In a similar way, a white LED light would be perfect for colored surfaces because colored lighting would not mix so well with colored lights.

LED pool lights also range in voltage. Most of them match your home's 120-volt system, but 12volt appliances are also popular. These low voltage models are safe and do an excellent illumination job. Installing just one LED light is enough for most swimming pools but if the length of your pool exceeds 38 feet, consider getting two low-voltage lights.

Before choosing a LED pool light, make sure that the cord can reach the outlet. Cords range from 30 to 250 inches and average 100 inches, so measure the distance from the outlet to determine the minimum length of the cable.

Whether you would like to creatively illuminate your pool area for ambience or enhance the safety of your pool activities, LED lighting will accomplish both tasks and will also highlight the most prominent features of your aquatic environment.