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S.R. Smith PSX-320

Pool Safety: Pool Security Systems


When it's time for fun in the sun, having a pool is the next best thing to cruising down to the beach. We're sure you want everyone to be able to enjoy your pool. Having peace of mind is key to a stress-free swimming experience.

Did you know?

That while 8 out of 10 pool drowning victims are over age 14, ages 1-4years have the highest drowning rates according to the Center for Disease Control.

How Can I Protect my Family?

Installing a Pool Security system is a great way to prevent accidents in the pool area.

How does a Pool Security System Work?

There are two different components or types of pool security alarms:

Door/Gate Alarm - this device is installed on the door or gate leading into your pool area and will set off an alarm whenever the entry is opened. This is a way to alert a responsible adult to activity in the pool area.

Water Level Alarm this type of alarm is installed at the waters end with a tube extending into the water. This monitors the waters level at all times and will set off an alarm if there is a change in the level of the water from someone/something falling in.

What We Offer

At Westside Wholesale safety is our focus for you and your family. We offer both types of pool security systems.

S.R. Smith PSX-320 is a door/gate alarm which can used as a stand alone system or coupled with our water level alarm. It features three ways to power the system: batteries, DC power or solar. Other features: remote bypass button, back mounting plate with hardware.

S.R. Smith PSX-300 is our water level alarm system. This system is solar powered and environmentally friendly. This system has the dedicated micro processors for both the alarm and wireless communication. Features include: Indoor and outdoor alarms, meets the ASTM standard for pool alarm devices.

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