Square D Pumps

Square D 9013FSG2J24

Square D 9013FSG2J24

Square D Pressure Switch, 40/60 PSI, 10 Amp, 1 Port, DPST

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How to Select

How To Shop For Water Pumps

Pumps are an integral part of many plumbing systems but this can a daunting area to fully understand. Selecting the best pump for the task must be done with the appropriate factors in mind. Different types exist to ensure the plumbing system runs smoothly and others are available should floods occur and excess water becomes a problem. Low pressure or insufficient water supply is another area where these useful appliances can be of use.

Westside Wholesale have huge array of pumps in stock. Browse the online catalogues to see and choose a pump to meet your needs.

Below are some factors that should be considered before selecting a pump. If the terminology is confusing consult your local plumber or our experts here at Westside Wholesale.

  • Type. Broadly speaking a pump will fall into one of two categories depending on its position in relation to the water. A pump will either be submersible or non-submersible. As the name implies submersible pumps lie below the water line, submerged in the liquid they will pump. A submersible pump is therefore most useful in buildings where water may accumulate in undesirable areas, such as the basement.
  • Size. A range of sizes in available from small (for domestic use) to large (more suitable for industrial use). It is common for homes with a basement that is susceptible to flooding to install a device to prevent damage to their property. Damage can take the form of high humidity that leads to mold, mildew or an unsavory odor. A sump pump is often found in domiciles to alleviate this type of problem.
  • Safety features. The dangerous combination and reaction between water and electricity adequate safety features are a must. In addition the equipment may be set to operate automatically and without human supervision therefore power breakers are an important consideration. Power breakers can prevent electrocution and reduce the risk of burn out in an overloaded pump.

Learning about pump factors before purchasing is a good way to better understand the product that can best meet your needs. Low pressure and inappropriate sized pumps need not be a problem.

Shopping with Westside Wholesale is a straightforward matter and you can be confident that you will receive an outstanding deal when choosing a pump to suit your needs. All pumps come from manufacturers who have built a great reputation in the industry—manufacturers like Flotec® and Grundfos have provided thousands of customers with reliable pumps year on year.