Leviton Push Button Switches

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Leviton AC201-1LS

Leviton AC201-1LS

Leviton Light Switch, Acenti Switch Locator Light, 20A, Single-Pole - Sand

Our Price: $11.06

Leviton 5410-W

Leviton 5410-W

Leviton Light Switch, Heavy Duty In-Line Cord Switch, 3A - White

Our Price: $4.57

Leviton 5410-I

Leviton 5410-I

Leviton Light Switch, Heavy Duty In-Line Cord Switch, 3A - Ivory

Our Price: $4.71
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How to shop for Push Button Switches

A push button switch is one of the oldest light switch variations as it has been available in the industry for over a century. However, since it was invented it has undergone many changes, but the principles of the switch have stayed the same. Today, manufacturers provide customers with a great variety of styles and design of push button switches to accommodate all our needs and requirements.

What is a Push Button Switch?

A standard push button switch has a two-position construction and the principle of work is pretty much the same as other traditional switches, but it only uses the button.

When you push a button, it automatically opens or closes the contact. The position of a push button switch depends on its current state (On or off). For example, when the switch is off, you will push a button.

At the same time, the contacts are making the electric device connect or disconnect with the power source. Keep in mind that a push button switch should be selected to comply with existing current ratings. The specification of push button switch must not exceed the current rating.

The Concept behind the Push Button Switch

A push button switch has an electric switch mechanism inside. The mechanism controls the process of electrical current supply. The button of the switch is made of hard and good quality materials such as metal or plastic.

The surface of the button is designed to accommodate the user’s finger. This way the button is easily pressed and depressed reach either On or Off position of the given device.

How does it work?

  • In order to work, the electrical circuit must be closed. The electricity only flows when uninterrupted. That is why all wires and components must be connected together.
  • We want the electrical circuit to work for a certain time. That is when a push button switch comes into place.
  • The push button switches can either be installed on a device surface or be hidden inside.
  • Millions of people worldwide prefer using push button switch as they are familiar with it.
  • Push button switches has a wide range of application from turning on the light and finishing up with elevators and car stereos.
  • The push button switches are divided into two basic groups. They can be momentary and non-momentary.