Rail Lighting

Rail lighting is a modern decorative fixture system, which is used for ambient, task and accent lighting indoors and outdoors. The vast majority of rail systems use pendant art style and can be directional. Rail lighting systems is highly demanded in residential houses, studio apartments and commercial buildings. This fixture type allows users to create different shapes and direct the light as they want. Often rail lighting system consists of a rail itself connected from one side to fixtures. This rail holds lamps, which can be made in pendant style or can have a special adjustable fixture. Some rails are firm and not bendable, other have a curved shape or hand-bendable. A homeowner can select a proper rail lighting system depending on his needs.

Westside Wholesale offers its customers a wide array of different rail lighting fixture systems from Kichler and other famous manufacturers. Whether our client wants to create a very special light effect in his residential house or to focus attention of his customers on goods in the store, rail lighting solutions from Westside Wholesale will fit his needs. Flexible rail lighting systems are good to use in art-galleries, photo-rooms and studios. They can be used in order to focus attention of guests on some spots of the interior, on interesting furniture and pictures. Rail lighting creates a mystical light effect; therefore, they can be installed in bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. Adjustable light heads will be useful in kitchens, art rooms, cabinets. Of course, there is a wide field of commercial usage of rail lightings.

In Westside Wholesale store our customers will find a proper solution fitting their needs perfectly. They can choose from: rail lighting systems with pendant heads and track heads, bendable and not bendable rails, different light bulbs (from traditional incandescent to modern LED), various finishes (nickel, bronze, steel etc.) and design. Make your house mysterious and modern with Westside Wholesale!

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How to Select

How to select rail lighting

Rail lighting fixtures help create decorative, task or ambient lighting of your choice both indoors and out. Functionality and various settings that such lights can offer make them a great selection for both residential and commercial use. Westside Wholesale has prepared the following guide to help you select the best rail lighting for your particular needs.

First of all, it is important to specify the purpose of rail lighting fixtures. This will help you know their style and installation location. Rail lights are seldom used to illuminate the entire room. Their main purpose is directional lighting that highlights certain elements of the interior or helps create lighting ambiance in the room. If you need to illuminate some specific areas of the room, ensure that rail lighting fixtures that you select are adjustable and can be mounted on the wall.

Rail lighting fixtures can come with two or more lamps of various sizes and capacities. Knowing the purpose of a rail light will help you select the perfect size and capacity of such fixture.

The next thing you need to consider before purchasing any rail lights is their energy usage. The more time your directional lighting stays on, the more electricity it consumes and the more money you spend on monthly bills. Calculating the operating cost of each fixture will help you save money in the future. When selecting a light bulb for your rail lighting fixtures, look for the bulbs that use LED technology. This is by far the most economical and eco-friendly lighting technology that will provide your home with more light.

The style of each rail lighting device that you select should match the existent décor of the room. Otherwise, there’s no point of installing a decorative lighting fixture that will spoil the view of the entire room.

Now that the main factors of the rail lights are specified, you might want to spend some time to consider the additional features of each lamp. Having your rail lights equipped with automatic controls lets you program their operation while different color options help create lighting ambiance of your dreams.

After all of the details are taken into account, you may still have some questions about the rail lighting and its benefits. The best thing about rail lighting is their functionality and maintenance. A tiny lamp provides you with countless lighting effects and ensures the items or details of your interior are properly illuminated. In addition to that, such lights spend little energy and thus help you save money.