Elco Lighting Recessed Light Cans

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Elco Lighting EL8SQ

Elco Lighting EL8SQ

Elco Lighting Recessed Lighting Can, 8" Line Voltage Non-IC Square Housing - for New Construction

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How to Select

How to select Recessed Light Cans

Recessed light cans are oftentimes installed in offices, business or residential buildings where hanging a conventional light fixture is not possible. In addition to that, recessed light cans are selected to highlight a particular spot in the interior or create an unusual lighting effect.

First thing to specify before you start the process of selecting a light can is the future location of such device. Recessed lighting is oftentimes used in living rooms, kitchens or other large areas that require much light. They can also be installed in bathrooms or spa centers to create a soothing lighting environment. When knowing the position of the light cans that you are about to order, ensure that they are compatible with the existent housings. Moreover, ensure that the combination of the light fixtures will not overload the network’s capacity.

Next thing to consider is the trim type. A wide selection of recessed light cans with adjusted trims is offered along with stationary devices. If you want to be able to control the light beam, choose a light fixture with suitable construction.

After you specify the trim type and size, ensure that you choose the light can with the best insulation type. The options that exist today are presented with insulated or non-insulated features. The first kind can be placed directly in the ceiling since it has a built-in air chamber that protects the ceiling from heat. The second type, a non-insulated one, requires a space of minimum 3” between the ceiling and the fixture to let the heat out.

The mounting option is also a very important factor to consider. Most of the recessed light cans are equipped with adjustable brackets that can be mounted to ceiling joists. It won’t harm you, however, to ensure that the light can that you select is equipped with proper mounting accessories so that you will not have to purchase them separately. After the fixture is securely mounted to the ceiling, you will need to wire it and cover the construction with drywall or hide it under a cover.

Before you choose a light can for your room, you may want to know what the benefits of installing such appliance are. First of all, recessed lighting fixtures spend less energy when operating and provide the room with a prefect lighting ambiance. Secondly, various sizes and designs of such light cans help you complement the décor of any room in addition to making it unique. And thirdly, recessed light cans are easily installed and maintained.