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Cree Lighting GR8

Cree Lighting GR8

Cree Lighting LED 8" Adaptor Ring for C6 Kits - White

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How to Select

How to select Recessed Lighting Accessories

Installing recessed lighting fixtures in a building helps you create the perfect lighting environment in every room, all while saving money on your energy bill. However, some of the fixtures may require extra accessories or replacement parts during or after the installation process. This guide will help you know what detail is not working and how to select the perfect replacement for it.

The list of recessed lighting accessories that you might need consists of socket adaptors, magnetic transformers, trim gaskets, coil springs, metal rings, optical lenses, frame hangers and so on. So, how do you know exactly what detail is broken? We have gathered a list of the following information in order to help guide you.

Socket adaptors are used to fit old fixtures into new sockets or vice versa. There are many types and styles of such accessories that can fit one or more fixtures. You should calculate the number of lighting accessories that need to fit the construction and then look for a matching adaptor.

Magnetic transformers are used when the voltage in the line needs to be reduced. You may need this device if the light fixtures and electric devices in your home uses too much energy while operating.

Coil springs are one of the reasons why recessed lighting breakdown may occur. If this is your case, no need to replace the entire lamp or lighting fixture, a new trim coil spring should cover it. Such accessories are usually sold in kits since they wear out and require a replacement from time to time.

Trim gaskets are used for a more secure and safe installation of a recessed lighting fixture.

Metal rings, the same as coil springs, can fail and drop the trim. This will affect the lighting fixture’s operation and may lead to irreparable damage. To prevent something like that from happening, replace the old rings with new ones and do this regularly.

Optical lenses are used to change the light pattern. They are not essential for a lighting fixture but help create a unique and unforgettable light in the room when installed with the recessed lighting devices.

Even though you now know what details you need and where to buy it, you might still wonder how you can install or replace it. At Westside Wholesale we recommend that you hire a professional to complete the installation as they are familiar with the rules and requirements. In addition to that, it’s recommended to find a specialist that has a great reputation with their clients. Sure, you will spend some money for this job but you will feel at ease knowing that your lighting fixtures are properly mounted and installed.