Recessed Lighting Kits

WestsideWholesale presents the recessed lighting kits produced by the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment such as Halo and Elco.

It can be hard to purchase the right recessed lighting kit. How to select the one without making a mistake? Confusion always arises when the customer needs to determine the parts of recessed lights so that they could suit each other. There is no problem of this type when one buys the recessed lighting kit that includes all the components. Customers can save time and money without necessity to select separate parts. Housing and trim should match each other.

First of all, the house owner determines what recessed lighting is necessary for his house. Recessed lighting can be of two types: IC rated and non-IC rated. Only non-IC rated items are present in the catalogue now. Apply to the consultant of WestsideWholesale to find out if it is possible to do something about it.

The next item you should pay attention to is the appearance and technical parameters of the recessed lighting kit. There is a possibility to acquire mini halogen downlight kit E233W of white color. There is no solution better than this when one needs small but powerful light. Read the specs to discover additional details. Look at the color too to decide if the model really suits your place.

This series with different letters in the end present recessed lighting kits of different color or finishing. E233C is the model with chrome trim. E233N is decorated with nickel trim and E233B is for recessed lighting kits of black color.

The advantage of the kit is that one can install it fast and without extra efforts. All these models have the same technical parameters. The kit features a nice gimbal ring trim for additional convenience of users. Customers will have to buy MR16 halogen light bulb to use with a kit. Frosted glass ring looks attractive.

There is also rectangular ceiling light Halo H2932T. Albalite glass lensed trim distributes the light evenly. No dazzling light will disturb the users with Halo H2932T. The kit includes the junction box and thermally protected housing.

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How to Select

How to select Recessed Lighting Kits

Recessed lighting is one of the best ways to illuminate your home—both indoors and out. There are countless benefits of installing such lighting fixtures, including the ability to customize them according to the location’s needs, easy installation, low energy usage and high functionality. The following guide will help you pay attention to the most essential and important details, ensuring that you select the recessed lighting kit that will suit your home’s needs the most.

First and foremost, it’s important to pay attention the recessed lighting kit’s specifications. Meaning that you need to ensure that it matches the installation and line requirements of the place where you want to mount the devices.

The next thing to consider is the type of housing that your future recessed lighting fixture will have. The types that exist today are divided into two categories including old and new construction housing. The first type will be perfect for installations that don’t have access to the ceiling and are mounted on auxiliary surfaces. If you do have access to the ceiling or can get it from the attic, select the new construction housing type.

After the housing type is specified, you need to know whether the fixture will be in direct contact with the ceiling insulation. If not, look for kits that are marked NON-IC, in other cases, IC-rated lighting kits are the only options that can be selected.

Now you need to select the can size. 6” is the most commonly used can size that is compatible with most lighting applications. Smaller cans of 5”, 4” and 3” diameter are perfect to be used with accent and task light applications.

The trim style is also one of the important factors that you should consider before buying a recessed lighting kit. You can select among the following types: open, baffle, reflector, shower lens or eyeball. To know what type suits you the most, specify the fixture’s purpose. Baffle, reflector and open types of trims are oftentimes used as the main lighting source in a room. Eyeball type is equipped with an adjustable body and is used for accent and decorative lighting purposes.

Selecting the trim type is the last step to complete when looking for recessed lighting kits. Now you know all of the important details and can find the perfect fixture for your home. Remember that apart from the lighting appliance itself, a kit should include all of the necessary mounting accessories and oftentimes the light bulb. To install the fixture that you selected follow the instructions or hire someone who knows how to do it properly.