Recessed Lighting Trims

Browse a wide selection of recessed lighting trims from the leaders in recessed lighting at Westside Wholesale. Choose from 2-inch to 11-inch recessed lighting trims in a range of colors to match your decor. Recessed lighting trims vary in style and the type of accent lighting your looking to achieve. From reflector trims, shower trims, adjustable gimbal ring, slot pinhole, and adjustable eyeball trims.

A recessed lighting trim consists of a light recessed (sitting back) inside with a trim to control the light. The lighting trim controls the light’s functionality and provides a certain aesthetic or architectural look. It concentrates the light based on the type of trim. A recessed lighting trim serves two main purposes:

a) Direct the light and sculpt light downward
b) Provide an architectural finished look
Recessed lighting trims have a lot of versatility. There are a number of styles to improve your kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and bedroom. In order to choose a recessed lighting trim, you first need to determine your objective and desired affect.

Popular Recessed Lighting Trim Styles.

  • Baffle Recessed Lighting Trim. A recessed baffle trim has grooves or ribs to absorb light and reduce glare. Baffle is one of the mot popular trims.
  • Eyeball Recessed Lighting Trim or Directional Trims. An eyeball includes the electrical lighting unit and the mounting platform. They break down into two types depending on the construction of the building
  • Reflector Recessed Lighting Trim. Reflectors are smooth and reflect the light illuminate as much as much as possible
  • Gimbal Recessed Lighting Trim. Reminiscent of a eyeball recessed light trim, the gimbal can pivot. The downside is that some light can get cut off at extreme angles
  • Pinhole Recessed Lighting Trims. Pinhole recessed trims provide precision lighting and concentrate the light into a beam

Halo 1496SL

Halo 1496SL

Halo Recessed Lighting Trim, 4" Low Voltage 60 Degree Tilt Retractable Elbow Trim - Silver

Our Price: $16.48

How to Select

Choosing Recessed Lighting Trim

The decision to install recessed lighting in your apartment, house or office will help you save a significant amount of energy and money, in addition to creating a great sense of ambiance in every room. Selecting the perfect recessed lighting trim is complicated since many factors should be taken into account. This guide will help you become aware of what details should be considered in order to find perfect decorative recessed lighting trim for your recessed lighting system.

When selecting a recessed lighting trim, size and compatibility with existing electric outlets and recessed downlight housings are really important. There’s no point of ordering a lamp or light bulb if it won’t fit the recessed lighting system. Try to specify the trims’ size right away so that you don’t look for options that won’t fit you. Most conventional recessed lighting trims are compatible with 6” and 5” housings.

The trims’ style is the next factor to consider. The style depends on the system’s specifications. If you have an old electric system in the house and are simply replacing old fixtures with recessed lighting, ensure that new lamps cane be retrofit. What this means is that the lighting fixture is compatible with old electric work. However, when you’re installing a lighting system from scratch, a new recessed trim style is your perfect choice.

Operation and installation costs should also be considered when you are looking for recessed lighting trims. If a trim or their combination requires too much space, time and energy to be installed, in addition to spending more electricity than other devices normally would, you might want to look for other options. Among lighting trims of similar sizes and energy efficiency level always select the option that offers some additional features.

Design of Recessed Trim and Color

The design of the trim and its color options are the last, but certainly not least, factors to consider. Since the trim of any recessed lighting fixture is the only part of the device that is visible, you need to ensure it matches the walls’ and ceiling’s décor. With wide variety of color options and hundreds of various designs that are offered at today’s stores—including Westside Wholesale—selecting trim to fit your needs won’t be a problem. In addition to that, you might want to look for a trim that is made from durable and easily cleaned material since such features will make the maintenance much simpler.

The price of recessed lighting trim should not be the deciding factor when looking to purchase recessed lighting trim. There are plenty of affordable options from leading manufacturers and well known brands so there’s no need to select the first cheapest option that you find.